Committed to leading by example.

Our talented and dedicated staff are passionate about Greater Hartford and share the values that make it unique and special. They are committed to building relationships in the community that can inform and guide their work, and ultimately contribute to a shared vision for our future. We encourage you to reach out and contact us. Every opportunity starts with a conversation.


Photo of Cesar Aleman
Cesar Aleman Director of CT Urban Opportunity Collaborative
Photo of Willona Amoakoh
Willona Amoakoh Community Impact Officer
Photo of Chari L. Chester Anderson
Chari L. Chester Anderson Development Officer
Photo of Doretta Andonucci
Doretta Andonucci Communications Officer
Photo of Damion Baker
Damion Baker Community Impact Officer
Photo of Juana Baribeau
Juana Baribeau Grants Process Analyst
Photo of Michele Beauge
Michele Beauge Senior Accountant
Photo of Francesca Borges Gordon
Francesca Borges Gordon Director of Development, Outreach and External Relations
Photo of Tracy Bradley
Tracy Bradley Office Coordinator
Photo of Sarah E. Carlson
Sarah E. Carlson Scholarship Manager
Photo of Kelly Casey
Kelly Casey Senior Learning and Evaluation Officer
Photo of Lucas Codognolla
Lucas Codognolla Senior Community Impact Officer
Photo of Ashley M. Coleman
Ashley M. Coleman Program Manager
Photo of Susan Dana
Susan Dana Director of Development, Major Gifts
Photo of Pam Dawkins Pieper
Pam Dawkins Pieper Gifts and Funds Manager
Photo of Reid DiRenzo
Reid DiRenzo Donor Grants Manager
Photo of Bradford Drazen
Bradford Drazen Vice President, Communications and Marketing
Photo of Rita Elkhoury
Rita Elkhoury Development Associate
Photo of Julie Feidner
Julie Feidner Executive Assistant to the President and Manager of Board Relations
Photo of Ingrid Fullwood
Ingrid Fullwood Information Technology Administrator
Photo of Ramonita Garcia
Ramonita Garcia Giving Circles Manager
Photo of Elysa Gordon
Elysa Gordon Vice President, Community Impact
Photo of Betty Ann Grady
Betty Ann Grady Senior Development Officer
Photo of Frank Gramuglia
Frank Gramuglia Director of Human Resources
Photo of Andrew Halpryn
Andrew Halpryn Information Technology Officer
Photo of Susan Harmon
Susan Harmon Accountant
Photo of Karen Hartenstein
Karen Hartenstein Program Manager
Photo of Joel Hicks-Rivera
Joel Hicks-Rivera Senior Community Impact Officer
Photo of Susan Hills
Susan Hills Community Impact Manager
Photo of Aaron Hines
Aaron Hines Grants Associate
Photo of Jennyfer A. Holmes
Jennyfer A. Holmes Senior Scholarship and Development Officer
Photo of Joe Hurley
Joe Hurley Accounting Manager
Photo of Monica Kelly
Monica Kelly Community Impact Manager
Photo of Mike Keo
Mike Keo Senior Communications Officer
Photo of Sierra Kihega
Sierra Kihega Communications Associate
Photo of Patrick Laorden
Patrick Laorden Senior Grants Associate
Photo of Bonnie Malley
Bonnie Malley Vice President for Finance and Administration
Photo of Judy McBride
Judy McBride Director, Strategic Partnership Investments
Photo of Cenit Mirabal
Cenit Mirabal Senior Human Resources Associate
Photo of Josephine Morrison
Josephine Morrison Director of Finance
Photo of Ryan O\'Halloran
Ryan O'Halloran Senior Development Officer
Photo of Janis Peyton
Janis Peyton Receptionist
Photo of Kate Piotrowski
Kate Piotrowski Senior Community Impact Officer
Photo of Sannia Qazi
Sannia Qazi Learning and Evaluation Officer
Photo of Johana Rendon Ledesma
Johana Rendon Ledesma Community Impact Officer
Photo of Traci Resler
Traci Resler Community Impact Associate
Photo of Deborah Rothstein, J.D.
Deborah Rothstein, J.D. Vice President for Development
Photo of Alexis Safo-Agyeman
Alexis Safo-Agyeman Community Impact Officer
Photo of Chris Senecal
Chris Senecal Senior Public Policy and Media Relations Officer
Photo of Meher Shulman
Meher Shulman Associate Director, Nonprofit Support Program
Photo of Cierra Stancil
Cierra Stancil Senior Community Impact Officer
Photo of Tiana Starks
Tiana Starks Community Impact Associate
Photo of Amy Studwell
Amy Studwell Senior Community Impact Officer
Photo of Tara Sundie
Tara Sundie Community Impact Manager
Photo of Kate Szczerbacki
Kate Szczerbacki Director of Learning, Evaluation, and Capacity Building
Photo of Kandianna Valiotis
Kandianna Valiotis Senior Scholarship and Development Associate
Photo of Sally Weisman
Sally Weisman Director of Development and Donor Grants
Photo of Jay Williams
Jay Williams President and CEO
Photo of Rebecca Sailor Williams
Rebecca Sailor Williams Front Office Receptionist
Photo of Cynthia Wills
Cynthia Wills Community Impact Officer
Photo of Tom Zeleznock
Tom Zeleznock Senior Communications Officer