Our Impact Investing

As we manage our current capacity, we are temporarily pausing all new activities and inquiries to HFPG Impact! We remain committed to our impact investing work as a vehicle for enhancing community prosperity and affecting transformational change. We look forward to sharing updated information as the year progresses.

​​​​​​​HFPG Impact! Greater Hartford is designed to catalyze community and economic development in ways that lift up all residents and maximize the region’s inclusive economic growth and quality of life.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of the Hartford Foundation, HFPG Impact! puts a greater portion of the Foundation’s assets to work for the 29 towns it serves and provides the Foundation extensive flexibility, through partnerships or on its own, to make investments beyond the scope and range of the Foundation’s traditional grantmaking. The Foundation envisions that HFPG Impact! can bring “patient capital” to areas that traditional capital tends to overlook.

Through HFPG Impact! the Foundation will seek opportunities to invest in projects throughout the region that have the potential to create inclusive community prosperity and transformative change. Investments may be to companies, organizations, or funds and may take the form of debt, equity or guarantees. Terms will be negotiated on a deal by deal basis.

We are interested in investments that: 

  • Have demonstrated potential to create inclusive community prosperity and transformative change
  • Address an identified community need
  • Are led by an investee with ties to the region 
  • Have been developed with inclusive community input and buy-in
  • Align with Hartford Foundation mission and values
  • Hinge on Hartford Foundation leadership
  • Offer a financial return
  • Include other sources of funding

Click here to see more detail on how we are reviewing and scoring potential investments in our HFPG Impact! Screening Tool.

If you have questions about HFPG Impact! Greater Hartford, or would like to begin a conversation about a potential investment, the process starts with a conversation. Please contact Erika Frank at efrank@hfpg.org or 860-548-1888. More information about the process for HFPG Impact! consideration is detailed below.


HFPG Impact! Process and Timing


Timing: One week

All inquiries regarding HPFG Impact! should contact Erika Frank at (860) 548-1888 or efrank@hfpg.org for a conversation to determine initial eligibility.


Timing: Once pre-application is received, one-two months

A pre-application may be invited and submitted. Foundation staff complete due diligence on community impact and financial return based on HFPG Impact! guiding principles and screening tool.

Committee Review 

Timing: Committee meets quarterly

The HFPG Impact! committee, composed of board members and external advisors will review all proposals.

Full Due Diligence 

Timing: Up to two months

Includes full financial and legal review and negotiation.

Board Approval and Closing 

Timing: Up to two weeks

The HFPG Impact! Committee makes recommendations to the Foundation’s full Board of Directors.

Monitoring for Financial and Community Impact 

Timing: Ongoing

Reports are submitted quarterly and monitored by Foundation staff and the HFPG Impact! Committee.