Is your organization eligible for a grant?

Does your organization's work align with our strategic priorities and outcome areas?

Our grantmaking is guided by our commitment to dismantling structural racism and advancing equity in social and economic mobility in Greater Hartford's Black and Latine communities.

The most important thing we consider when determining eligibility for a grant is whether an organization's mission or program aligns with these priorities.

In addition to our strategic priorities, we also consider how programs or projects align with our five strategic outcome areas:

While we do award grants for projects that fall outside of these outcome portfolios, proposals that align with this work will receive stronger consideration.

Eligibility: Basic Criteria

In order to receive funding, your organization must meet our basic eligibility criteria.

Is your organization a nonprofit? 

The Hartford Foundation awards grants to 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations - with the exception of private non-operating foundations, which we do not fund.

The Foundation will consider supporting projects led by organizations or residents without 501(c)(3) status, if they partner with a nonprofit fiscal sponsor.

If you have questions about whether your project qualifies, feel free to contact us.

Do you serve Greater Hartford? 

Does a significant portion of your organization's services benefit residents of the Hartford Foundation's 29-town funding region?

As a community foundation, we make grants that benefit residents in our funding region.

If your organization is located outside of our 29-town region, but a significant portion of your services go toward benefiting residents in our region, you may be eligible for a grant.

If your organization is in Connecticut but does not serve our funding region, you can find the community foundation that serves your town through the Connecticut Council for Philanthropy's directory of community foundations.

Does your organization engage in effective governance practices? 

The Foundation seeks to support organizations that engage in effective governance practices. 

A strong board is a true asset to an organization. High-performing boards have engaged members, understand their roles and responsibilities, and reflect the diversity of the communities they serve.

What we look for includes:

  • Do you have a board that meets regularly?
  • Does your organization keep minutes of board meetings?
  • Does your board regularly review financial reports and approve the annual budget?
  • Does your organization have idenitified strategic goals or a strategic plan?
Does your mission or project align with our goal of dismantling structural racism? 

The Hartford Foundation is committed to dismantling structural racism and advancing equity in social and economic mobility in Greater Hartford’s Black and Latine communities. Does your organization’s mission or your proposed work contribute to these goals?

In Greater Hartford, Black, Latine and other communities of color face persistent disparities, which are the result of decades of systemic factors and disinvestment in our communities, many of which are still woven into the fabric of our institutions.

We seek to support organizations whose mission or proposed projects help to dismantle structural racism and advance equity in social and economic mobility in Greater Hartford’s Black and Latine communities. This is reflected in our grantmaking.

We encourage grantseekers to consider projects and approaches that help reduce persistent disparities in our region. What can you do to positively affect the disparity in opportunity experienced by Black and Latine residents? We want to hear about your institutional experience and track record addressing these issues, as well as community perspectives, research and data that support your approaches.

If you’re unsure whether your project aligns with these goals, feel free to contact us and begin a conversation. 

Grant Opportunity Calendar

We periodically call for proposals for specific, timely community needs. Some of our Requests for Proposals have unique criteria that differ from our usual eligibility guidelines.

View Requests for Proposals

Nonprofit Support Program and Organizational Capacity Building

We offer workshops and grants designed to strengthen the capacity of nonprofits. Programs offered include strategic planning, financial managment, technology and more. Many of these programs are available to smaller nonprofits to help them grow and serve a larger population.

Visit our Nonprofit Support Program website to learn about our offerings.

Current grantees

If you have an open grant with the Foundation, we suggest having a conversation with your Community Impact Officer before applying to other grant opportunities. Visit our Current Grantees page for more information about managing your grant.

Let's have a conversation

If you can help with the goal of dismantling structural racism, we want to hear from you. 

We recognize that every organization, project and grant is unique. If you believe your organization's work can help advance our strategic priorities, but you're unsure about whether you're eligible, then let's talk. 

Contact your Community Impact Officer, or if you're new to the Foundation, email and one of our staff members will reach out to you.

Think You're ready to apply for a grant?

Visit our How To Apply page to learn about the application process.

How to Apply