The Hartford Foundation is committed to our mission of putting philanthropy into action to create lasting solutions that result in vibrant communities. We cannot achieve our mission without taking significant steps to dismantle structural racism and advance equity in social and economic mobility in Greater Hartford's Black and Latine communities.

Persistent disparities affecting Black, Latine and other communities of color create barriers to health, well-being and wealth building. These disparities are the result of decades of systemic factors and disinvestment in our communities, many of which are still woven into the fabric of our institutions. For Greater Hartford to achieve more racial, geographic and economic inclusion, and fulfill its potential as a thriving, equitable, leading driver of statewide and regional prosperity, we must reduce persistent disparities in our region where we know them to be most pronounced.

By listening and engaging throughout the community, and applying our own research and assessment, we have identified five outcome areas for our work.

Each of our outcome areas focuses on the people and places facing the greatest disparities, and contributes to our overall effort to dismantle structural racism.

Outcome Areas