Leadership by and for our region.

In 1925, the founders of the Hartford Foundation designed a governance structure that would ensure leadership by individuals who are knowledgeable about the community and able to make fair decisions about complex issues. This model continues to serve the Foundation and the community well.

The volunteer Board of Directors governs the policies and grant decisions of the Foundation. Board members are appointed for a term of five years, and can serve for a maximum of two terms. The Board meets five times each year.

Board of Directors

Theodore S. Sergi, Chair

Retired President and CEO, The Connecticut Science Center, and
Retired Commissioner of Education, State of Connecticut
Appointed by the Board of Directors, 2019

Rodney O. Powell, Vice Chair

Retired President, Corporate Citizenship and President, Eversource Foundation Appointed by the Hartford Consortium for Higher Education, 2012

Andrew R. Worthington, Treasurer

Senior Vice President, Wealth Management
Long River Wealth Management
UBS Financial Services, Inc.
Appointed by the Board of Directors, 2015

Nancy P. Bernstein

President and Chief Operating Officer, Women’s Health USA;
President and Chief Executive Officer, Women’s Health Connecticut
Appointed by the Chair, United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut, 2013

Marlene M. Ibsen

Vice President, Community Relations, Travelers, and CEO & President, Travelers Foundation Appointed by the Trustee Banks, 2017

Min Jung Kim

Director and CEO, New Britain Museum of American Art Appointed by the Board of Directors, 2020

Dr. Estela R. López

Retired Interim Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs
Connecticut State Colleges and Universities System
Appointed by the Board of Directors, 2019

I. Charles Mathews

Retired Attorney Appointed by the Judge of Probate Court, District of Hartford, 2019

on temporary leave of absence

Dr. Mark Overmyer-Velázquez

Professor of History and Latinx Studies, and University Campus Director
UConn Hartford
Appointed by the Metro Hartford Alliance Board Chair, 2019

Richard N. Palmer

Retired Associate Justice, Connecticut Supreme Court Appointed by the Chief Justice of the Connecticut Supreme Court, 2016

David M. Roth

Senior Managing Partner, SouthOcean Capital Partners Inc. Appointed by the Board of Directors, 2018

Our Committees

In addition to the Board of Directors, the Foundation is fortunate to have other volunteers who collectively contribute hundreds of hours of service and advice to help the Foundation in a number of areas. Listed here are the members of the standing subcommittees of the Board of Directors and special committees.


Nancy P. Bernstein*
I. Charles Mathews*
Rodney O. Powell*
Theodore S. Sergi*• 
Andrew R. Worthington*


Estela R. López*
Richard N. Palmer*
Theodore S. Sergi*


Andrew R. Worthington*
Nancy P. Bernstein*
Estela R. López*
Theodore S. Sergi*
Robert B. Goldfarb
JoAnn H. Price


Mark Overmyer-Velázquez*
Rodney O. Powell*
David M. Roth*
Theodore S. Sergi*•
Andrew R. Worthington*


Richard N. Palmer*
Nancy P. Bernstein*
Min Jung Kim*
Estela R. López*
Theodore S. Sergi*•


Marlene M. Ibsen*
I. Charles Mathews*
Robert B. Goldfarb
Alan Mattamana


David M. Roth*
Theodore S. Sergi*
Robert B. Goldfarb
David Marks
Carl Peterson
Cynthia Steer
John Wright 


Rodney O. Powell*
Marlene M. Ibsen*
Min Jung Kim*
I. Charles Mathews*
Mark Overmyer-Velázquez*
Theodore S. Sergi*•


Michael Miller, Crewcial Partners, LLC


Robinson & Cole LLP


I. Charles Mathews*
Nancy P. Bernstein*
Richard N. Palmer*
Kenneth Alleyne
Ellen Andrews
James Cox-Chapman
Lucy Cox-Chapman Dagneau
Lynne Garner


Christopher Cloud, Co-Chair
Brenda DelGado, Co-Chair
Kristen Clark
Joseph Dickerson
Nakia Hall
Katonya Hughey
Robert Ike
Bradford Meacham
Wanda Williams McCormack
Patricia Wrice


Terry Schmitt, Chair
Amanda Aronson, Vice Chair
Iris Bashkin
Francine Christiansen•
Kathleen Costello•
Carol Dupuis
Wendy Haller
Sara Harrigan
Leslie Ohta
Amy Peltier
Carol Peltier
Ed Peltier
Renee Savoie
Ned Steiger
Ann Thomas
Bob White•
Kathy Worthington


Moraima Gutierrez, Chair
Jorge Casasnovas, Vice Chair
Thomas Blake
Delpha J. DiGiacomo
Christina Gonzalez Gellman
Evelyn LaFontaine
Rosaida Morales Rosario
Ilka D. Torres


Nicholas M. Sheridan
Edward D. Abdelnour
Steven M. Basche
Eliot M. Bassin
Patricia R. Beauregard
Jill H. Clark
Marilee Clark
John W. Eckel
Ruth Fortune
Crystal Germanese
Christiana N. Gianopulos
Suzanne S. Giuffrida
Austin S. Hersh
Denis M. Horrigan
Drew Iacovazzi
Benjamin Kehl
Simon J. Lebo
Ryan V. Leichsenring
David A. Mangs
Greg F. Mendoza
Monique R. Polidoro
Sharon H. Purtill
Andrew Salak
Laura Schuyler
Gregory J. Spuches, Jr.
Ned Steiger
Timothy Throckmorton
Michael Welch 


Begum Abadin
Gemma Baker
Y. Trevor Beauford
Shirley Boron
Nancy Brennan
Glenn Cassis
Stephan Christiansen
Stacy Hurley Cloud
Britt-Marie Cole-Johnson
Melvyn Colón
Nicholas Criscitelli
Judith Dobai
Carol Dupuis
Kim Eadie
Tekisha Everette
Eileen Furey
Samuel Galloway
Gregory Grant
Robert Guenther
Moraima Gutiérrez
Shantel Honeyghan
Kristen Horrigan
Armando Jimenez
Harvey Kelly
Thomas Mahoney
Susan Myers
Wilfredo Nieves
Christine Pandolfe
Rosalie Roth
Nicholas Sheridan
Isaiah Torres
Leah Wade
Trina Williams
Patricia Wrice
Lawrence Young 

* Member of Board of Directors
• Ex-officio

Strategic Priority Partners

The Greater Hartford Coalition on Community Safety

JoAnn H. Price, Chair

Board of Ambassadors

Our Board of Ambassadors was formed to promote broader understanding and engagement across the Foundation's 29-town region. Participating with us in discussions around key initiatives and emerging issues, these volunteer Ambassadors are essential in helping us put philanthropy into action.

Andrew Worthington*
Kenneth Alleyne
Amanda Aronson
Scott Aronson
Francine Austin
Malcolm Barlow
Stephen Bayer
Shaun Biggers Alleyne
Rich Brown
John Byrnes
Marla Byrnes
Elllie Caplan
Richard Cave
Francine Christiansen
Christopher Cloud
Stacy Hurley-Cloud
Adam P. Cohen
Britt-Marie Cole-Johnson
Julie Daly Meehan
Eric Daniels
Mishone Donelson
Tiffany Donelson
Earl Exum
Thomas Filomeno

Robert B. Goldfarb
John Green
Beverly Greenberg
Rashid Hamid
Jill Hutensky
Lenworth Jacobs
Edward Jason
Medina Jett
David R. Jimenez
Dinesh Kapur
Rosy Kapur
Deborah Kleinman
Steven Kleinman
Evelyn LaFontaine
Antoinette Lazarus
Thomas Lips
Alan Mattamana
Adam McLaughlin
John Motley
Joelle Murchison
Cheryl Ann O"Meara
Moy Ogilvie
Michelle Parrotta
Brewster Perkins

Tyler Polk
Sharon Rome Reisner
Susan Rottner
Richard Rubenstein
Andrew Salner
Patricia Salner
Andrew Schatz
Shana Schlossberg
Hy Schwartz
Paula Silas Guy
Anne Stanback
Cecil Thomas
Dougie Trumble
Tom Trumble
Ellie Venneman
JIm Venneman
Fred Ward
Wyrot Ward
Nancy Wheeler
Robert White
Elease Wright
John Wright
Eric Zachs
Jessica Zachs