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Hartford Foundation’s Civic Engagement Campaign

The Hartford Foundation has awarded $448,400 in grants to area nonprofits dedicated to increasing voter engagement and census participation of underrepresented residents of Greater Hartford.

Greater Together Community Funds

The Hartford Foundation has created 29 new funds, one for each of the towns in our region.

We work with donors, nonprofits and community leaders to put resources into action for Greater Hartford.

For 90 years, we have advanced equity and opportunity in our 29-town region. The map below illustrates the reach of our grants over the past five years, supporting over 650 nonprofits and those they serve.

We serve 29 towns in Greater Hartford.
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Annual Report 2017

A look at the everyday actions that shape our community and create a more vibrant Greater Hartford.


Partnering with people invested in our community

Our donors bring a wide range of interests, convictions and ambitions to the table. We listen to and work closely with them to determine the type of fund that best suits their circumstances and philanthropic goals.

Open RFP Opportunities

The Hartford Foundation is seeking research consultants for two new projects.

Planned Giving Website

A comprehensive resource for professional advisors.

Scholarship Funds

Help a student achieve their dreams.

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"I give to improve life now and in the future for people in my community."

-Nelly Rojas Schwan, member of the Latino Endowment Fund, and part of our I Am A Philanthropist campaign


Always learning from others

Every meaningful process starts with listening. We are committed to encouraging new ideas and new ways of collaborating as we respond to the highest, most pressing needs in the communities we serve.

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Our Mission: Putting philanthropy into action to create lasting solutions that result in vibrant communities within the Greater Hartford region.

Supporting those who do good work in the region

A diverse community calls for diversified investments. From building the capacity of nonprofits, to supporting the next generation of leaders, we are proud to put resources behind meaningful efforts.

Nonprofit Support Program Building effective and strong nonprofits
Scholarship Directory Achieve your goal of a college education
Start the Grant Seeking Process Nonprofits: Learn about requirements and steps
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Building a thriving community is a long term endeavor. 

Our carefully managed endowment guarantees the endurance of our resources and the progress it supports. Its strength allows us to protect tomorrow's assets while steadfastly addressing today's needs.


New and noteworthy

Feb 27, 2020 Hartford Foundation submits testimony in support of House Bill HB 5040, An Act Establishing an Excise Tax on Ammunition to provide funding to support

It is time to prioritize prevention and the well-being of Connecticut’s communities, families and children and H.B. 5040 sets us on that path.

Feb 27, 2020 Hartford Foundation Submits Testimony to Support Efforts to Provide Homeless Youth with Access to Legal Identification

We know that the lack of access to identity documents including associated fees, such as birth certificates and state issued ID’s, are a significant barrier for youth and young adults who are experiencing homelessness and housing instability.

Feb 26, 2020 Hartford Foundation’s Grantmaking Topped $36.8 Million in 2019

The Hartford Foundation for Public Giving, the community foundation for 29 cities and towns in Greater Hartford, awarded more than $36.8 million in grants to the region’s nonprofit agencies in 2019.

Feb 21, 2020 Hartford Foundation Awards $360,000 to Support Arts Programs for Hartford Youth

In July 2019, the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving and the Connecticut Office of the Arts released the Greater Hartford Arts Landscape Study. The study identified several disparities in access to and use of arts resources, inequities within the arts workforce, and mult[...]

Feb 21, 2020 The Hartford Foundation Submits Testimony in Support of Bills to Eliminate Exclusionary Local Zoning Practices

We know that Connecticut is one of the most racially and economically segregated states in the nation and much of this can be attributed to exclusionary local zoning practices. In the 29-town Greater Hartford region the Foundation supports, 38 percent of all low-income housi[...]

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Stay informed—and involved.

The Hartford Foundation is pleased to fund a variety of resources, that can help you stay informed about important community news, access local services you need, and find meaningful volunteer opportunities.


This is the community’s vision of philanthropy.

Scholarships at the Hartford Foundation

Change a life. Help students from the Greater Hartford community afford a college education.. Learn more.
RESPOND-REBUILD-RENEW FUND at the Hartford Foundation for Public

Support the immediate and longer-term recovery, rebuilding, and renewal efforts that face residents in Greater Hartford communities affected by unforeseen crises. Learn more.
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New Funds and Planned Gifts

Each year, the Hartford Foundation partners with generous individuals, families, and organizations to improve the quality of life across the region.


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