The Hartford Foundation for Public Giving has established a $100,000 Greater Together Community Fund for the Town of Bloomfield.

The purpose of the Greater Together Community Funds program is to:

  • support the community in taking ownership around the needs in their towns
  • encourage broad and inclusive civic engagement and
  • anchor the Hartford Foundation in each town.

Grant Awards

In June, 2021, the Bloomfield Greater Together Community Fund made grants to four community organizations to benefit residents in Bloomfield. 

Organizations can use the below template at the end of their grant period to report on the use of their funds. 

Download the grant reporting template

For questions, please contact the advisory committee at

Advisory Committee Members

The role of the Advisory Committee is to design and lead an inclusive process to identify the needs in your community, and design a grantmaking process aimed to ensure that the Greater Together Community Funds can have the greatest impact for the benefit of town residents.

The Advisory Committee members for your town are:

Corinne Bowie, Stephen Dombrowski, Robert Firger, Lisa Higgins, Laurie Julian, Sheryl Llewellyn-Wilkerson, Richard Ott, Diane Perry, Molly Reynolds, Shelby Young, Sue Zielenbach

Committee chair: Meredith Johnson; Committee Secretary: Kelly Trainor

Click here to read the Advisory Committee Conflict of Interest Policy

For media inquiries, please contact Chris Senecal at