Toolkit 1: Participant Toolkit


  1. Introductory PowerPoint Slides
  2. Greater Together Community Funds Fact Sheet
  3. Greater Together Community Funds FAQ
  4. Advisory Committee FAQ

Tool Kit 2: Selection Committee Tool Kit


  1. Selection Committee Roles and Responsibilities
  2. Selection Committee Steps: Forming an Advisory Committee that Reflects Your Whole Community
  3. Advisory Committee FAQ
  4. Resources and Support Available from the Hartford Foundation
  5. What is Participatory Decision-Making?
  6. Advisory Committee Application/Nomination Form and Supplemental Questions (Word doc - download)
  7. Sample Press Release (Word doc - download)
  8. Conflict of Interest Policy – Community Funds
  9. Conflict of Interest Guidelines – Selection Committees

Interested in Seeking Funding from the Greater Together Community Funds?


I am an individual living in one of the 29 towns where community funds have been established. 

Can I apply for funding?

  • Once your town's Advisory Committee is established, grants from your town's community fund will be available to registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations and, in some cases, to municipalities. Grants will not be available to individuals or for-profit companies.

My nonprofit serves the residents of one or more of the towns where there is a Greater Together Community Fund.

How can I apply for funding on behalf of my nonprofit? 

Before any funds are granted, an inclusive advisory committee made up of town residents and an inclusive grantmaking process must be established in each town. Once these two requirements are in place, information will be shared town-wide as to how to apply for funding consideration.

When will funds be available? 

We expect that some towns will be ready to make grants sooner than others. If you would like to learn about grant opportunities in a particular town, please indicate your interest on our web form for each of the towns you serve. We can share this information with advisory committee members once they have been established.

Can my nonprofit receive funding from more than one community fund? 

It will be up to the residents of each town to decide, through an inclusive grantmaking process, which projects benefit the town and will ultimately be funded. Whether a nonprofit is receiving community funds monies from other towns is one of several factors that town residents may consider as they make their funding decision.

Are there other opportunities to seek funding from the Hartford Foundation for my nonprofit? 

The Hartford Foundation considers requests for funding from all nonprofits that meet our basic eligibility requirements. To see if your nonprofit qualifies and to learn how to get started in requesting funding, please visit our What We Look For page.