In 2019, the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving established a $100,000 Greater Together Community Fund for the Town of Bolton. In 2022, the Foundation added  $50,000 to the Fund to continue to support community needs. 

The purpose of the Greater Together Community Funds is to:

  • support the community in taking ownership around the needs in their towns
  • encourage broad and inclusive civic engagement and
  • anchor the Hartford Foundation in each town.

Call for 2023 Grant Applications

The Bolton Greater Together Community Fund is now accepting grant applications for its current funding cycle. Applicants must be from non-profit entities who either have a current 501-c3 designation, or will use a fiscal sponsor carrying same, or use the Town of Bolton as their fiscal agent. Grant projects must benefit residents of Bolton, with special emphasis placed on those projects that serve the most residents with the greatest impact. More details are available in the RFP document here.

All applications are due no later than October 2, 2023. The 2023 application form is available to download herePlease complete the application form and budget sheet in its entirety and return via email to by the application deadline.

All questions and concerns can be directed to

For examples of successfully funded projects from prior grant cycles, please review the grant awards listed below.

Bolton Greater Together Community Fund Grant Awards

In 2023, the Bolton Greater Together Community Fund has awarded $46,174 in grants to eleven local nonprofits. This is the second round of funding for initiatives that strive toward the betterment of Bolton and its residents.

On February 8th, the Bolton Greater Together Community Fund Committee held an awards presentation/ceremony and reception. Read the press release to learn more or view a recording of the event.

Bolton Heritage Farm Commission, Potable Water Project 

($6,000) to support the addition of potable water at the farm. Restoration of the existing wells must be completed for the preservation and public utilization of the farm (hiking, outdoor yoga, weddings, special townwide celebration events, historic events such as Revolutionary War Reenactments, visitations by history enthusiasts, visiting the Washington Rochambeau site, etc.). Potable water required for various events and usage of the farm will include connecting the electric supply for the well and installing the pressure switch and tank with a low point drain. 

Bentley Memorial Library/Friends of Bentley Memorial Library 

($10,000) to add a new 30x30 concrete slab patio that will be wheelchair accessible, in front of the library. The patio will be used and available to all for outdoor library programs and the community may use the space to gather, sit, read, relax, and for other activities. The space will be available during and outside of library hours.

Bolton Volunteer Fire Department 

($6,778) to construct a pitched roof top prop for firefighter training as well as practice, and to obtain firefighter Class II ladder safety equipment (harnesses). Department instructors would use the roof top structure to teach ladder hoisting, placement, and safe operations. It would also afford the opportunity to teach and practice ventilation procedures that assist in the preservation of property, allowing for faster entry into a structure on fire, increasing the chances for quick rescue and extinguishment.

Community Child Guidance Clinic 

($1,000) to support updating and enhancing the quality of therapeutic toys and materials at the agency. CCGC’s Outpatient Department would benefit from updated toys and resources that are ethnically diverse, including racially diverse pose-able dolls for dollhouse play and realistic role play, gender-neutral play materials, and racially diverse social skills cards. It is important to have materials that encourage visibility and belonging for minorities in all communities served to help reduce racial disparity in pediatric mental health services

Hartford Interval House 

($5,000) to continue supporting the “Victim to Survivor” program that ensures that Bolton clients assess their strengths and challenges, that leads to making a plan to get affairs in order and establish independence. Specific activities with which the program helps are safety planning/counseling, court/legal advocacy, transportation to job interviews and work, pursuing education, childcare, gift cards for household necessities, help with planning a household budget, opening a bank account, and ultimately finding affordable housing and setting up a home.

Bolton Scholarship Fund, Community Service Scholarship 

($1,000) to provide a scholarship to a student who goes above and beyond in support of the Bolton community to help that student to pursue higher educational goals. The ideal candidate will be someone who displays a genuine interest in making the community better for everyone. The scholarship will be sent to the recipient's school for the 2022-2023 school year.

Bolton High School Project Graduation 

($3,500) to support a drug and alcohol-free overnight celebration on graduation night to keep graduates safe. Students will be bussed from the high school to the venue for a fun night enjoying food and games, spending one last night together, and making amazing memories. At the end of the party, the graduates will be bussed back to the high school. This event will be organized and supervised by the parents of graduates.

Bolton Center School PTA, Fostering Friendship and Improving Grounds 

($5,000) to assist with the purchase of items to improve the playground, school grounds and that will encourage/foster social skills and friendships among students. For example, "buddy benches" for the playground area and picnic tables for students to use for special friendship lunches, etc. All BCS students will benefit, as well as town residents who utilize the playground area. The equipment that will be purchased will be permanent. Residents, staff and students will be able to enjoy the benches and the picnic tables and more for a long time to come.

Bike Walk Bolton 

($1,100) to purchase (and have installed by DEEP) a bench on the Hop River Trail at the intersections of the Rose and Clarke Trails. The benches along the Hop River Trail get a lot of use. People use them to rest before continuing their activity. The bench may encourage people, who might otherwise turn around, an option to walk/run a bit farther. Trail users also use the benches to simply sit and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature and are also used as the snack stop.

Friends of Bolton Lakes 

($4,282) to assist in purchasing water monitoring technology equipment that will be used to predict the level of toxicity due to harmful algae within several minutes, presently it takes several days and significant expense to analyze water samples for the presence of algae. The equipment will be used by trained volunteers who will forward the results to the Town, the Health District and the professional lake managers. Prompt dissemination of this information will improve the health and safety of all users of Lower Bolton Lake.

Community Voice Channel 

($2,514) to purchase a Lighting Kit for volunteers that benefits anyone who makes a show or movie that requires filming outside of the building. Community Voice Channel teaches people how to use professional A/V equipment with industry standards and best practices. The main goal is to get people engaged in expressing themselves and take advantage of creating a TV show, movie, PSA, etc. Training is free of charge and access to equipment that is very expensive is shared with all who want to learn. CVC strives to include everyone and not let anyone feel left out.

In 2021, inaugural grant awards were made to the following organizations:

Bentley Memorial Library¬† 

($1,536.23) to purchase microphones and sound equipment for indoor and outdoor library programs.

Bolton Scholarship Fund 

($2,500) to support a Bolton High School senior with a track record of working to improve the community.

Bolton Senior Center  

($5,000) to support a collaborative program with the Bolton Volunteer Fire Department addressing the voluntary installation of Knox Boxes for emergency entry into senior's homes as well as to help pay for patio furniture for the center.

Hartford Interval House  

($5,000) to continue to support Bolton clients being served at the shelter.

A grant reporting form for awarded grantees is available for download and completion here.

Advisory Committee Members

The role of the Advisory Committee is to design and lead an inclusive process to identify the needs in your community, and design a grantmaking process aimed to ensure that the Community Funds can have the greatest impact for the benefit of town residents.

The Advisory Committee members for your town are:

Hazel Allen, Shandra Scott Brown, Cathy Nystrom, Amy Shack, Polly Silva, Melissa Wielandt

For more information about the advisory committee, please review the Advisory Committee FAQ

Click here to read the Advisory Committee Conflict of Interest Policy

For media inquiries, please contact Chris Senecal at