In 2019, The Hartford Foundation for Public Giving established a $100,000 Greater Together Community Fund for the Town of Andover. In 2022, the Hartford Foundation added an additional $50,000.

The purpose of the Greater Together Community Funds program is to:

  • support the community in taking ownership around the needs in their towns
  • encourage broad and inclusive civic engagement and
  • anchor the Hartford Foundation in each town.

The purpose of the Andover Greater Together Community Fund is to:

  • learn about needs and opportunities in town;
  • decide on priorities for funding to meet those needs;
  • recommend grants to be made from the funds set aside by the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving;
  • provide awareness to Andover residents of community needs and opportunities; and
  • inspire continuing growth in philanthropic giving and volunteer service in our town.

Call for Grant Applications

Organizations that support the Andover community are encouraged to apply for a grant. Requests can range from $250 to $10,000, with an average grant of $3,000. To be considered, the organization must be a registered nonprofit with a 501(c)3 designation as a public charity or must obtain a fiscal agent through the Town of Andover or through a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit.

How to Submit

Grant requests of $250 to $2,999 can be directly submitted by clicking this link, or a copy of the application can be downloaded here and submitted to the Advisory Committee at

Grant requests of $3,000 to $10,000 can be directly submitted through this link, or a copy of the application can be downloaded here and submitted to the Advisory Committee at

Applications are due by March 15, 2023. Applicants will be notified by mid-June of the committee’s decision.

grant reporting form is available for awarded organizations to report on the use of their funds.

Note: While assessing applications, the Advisory Committee may decide that additional information not requested in the RFP is needed. This information can be gathered in a number of ways, including a phone/video conference; a brief presentation to the Advisory Committee; or a site visit.

Grant Awards

The Andover Greater Together Community Fund awarded three grants in September 2022 to the following organizations:

Andover Friends of the Library 

$517 for backpacks that will be loaned out to library patrons

Andover 175th Anniversary Committee¬† 

$1,000 towards events and activities celebrating the anniversary

First Congregational Church 

$10,000 for a generator to protect food in the event of a power outage

The Andover Greater Together Community Fund awarded the following grants in September 2021:

Andover Historical Society 

$250 for the purchase of three brass plaques to identify the historical meeting house stone, case papermill dam, and the Baptist Church stepping stone

Andover SustainableCT Committee, Town of Andover 

$411 to assist in the creation of a community garden. The initial phase will have 16 beds for residents to rent. In addition, the garden will function as an outdoor classroom to demonstrate sustainable food production and gardening

Andover Friends of the Library 

$1,082 for the creation of an outdoor space with a tent, portable PA System, stands, cables, and a microphone for outdoor programming and events

Town of Andover, Veterans Affairs 

$3,000 to support the purchase of three flag poles for the Veterans Monument Park

Andover PTA 

$6,000 to support the construction of an outdoor learning/community space

Media Inquiries

Please contact Chris Senecal, Senior Public Policy and Media Relations Officer at or contact Advisory Committee co-chair Marianella Chalfant at

Advisory Committee Members

The role of the Advisory Committee is to design and lead an inclusive process to identify the needs in your community, and design a grantmaking process aimed to ensure that the Greater Together Community Funds can have the greatest impact for the benefit of town residents.

The Advisory Committee members for your town are: Marianella Chalfant, Michele DeLuco, Kirsten Erlandsen, Suzanne Heise, Lori LaCroix, Amy March, Jody Gross, Stewart Ware and William Penn. 

Click here to read the Advisory Committee Conflict of Interest Policy