Dismantling Structural Racism and Building Equity For All

The Hartford Foundation recently made a commitment to dismantle structural racism and achieve equity in social and economic mobility in Greater Hartford's Black and Latinx communities. How can we create an inclusive and equitable community? We partnered with the CT Mirror on a series of branded articles that go into detail about our work and discuss how we can build a stronger, more equitable region where every resident has the opportunity to succeed. 

Elevating a Vibrant Community For All

By Elysa Gordon, Vice President of Community Impact

To meet our mission at the Hartford Foundation, we ask: what does a vibrant community look and feel like?

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Making Hartford Home: The Push for Equitable Home Ownership

By Erika Frank, Senior Community Impact Officer

We can break the cycle of disinvestment in urban neighborhoods, offering everyone opportunities to benefit from neighborhood growth and vitality.

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How to Reimagine Police Training: Through Community Voice

By Judy McBride, Director of Strategic Partnership Investments

When police training is informed by community perspectives, officers build the skills needed to balance the demands of public safety and the best interests of youth and diverse communities of color.

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When Artists Are Valued, the Whole Community Wins

By Jackie Coleman, Senior Community Impact Officer

Everyone benefits when communities provide artists with capacity building, funding and sustainable structures to highlight their work and create consistent opportunities.

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The Power of Community Voice: Civic and Resident Engagement

By Yvette Bello, Senior Community Impact Officer

Supporting resident engagement, resident leadership, and resident participation is vital to strengthening communities.

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Getting a Degree: A Right of Passage for Some and An Elusive Dream for Others

By Megan Burke, Director of Community Impact Grantmaking

Ensuring access to education that leads to family sustaining wages must be a top priority to increase equitable economic mobility.

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Putting Philanthropy into Action for Racial Justice

By Deborah Rothstein, JD, Vice President for Development

Philanthropy is evolving to use its knowledge and influence to change systems that have left millions behind for generations.

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Thriving Small Businesses Energize Local Communities

By Erika Frank, Senior Community Impact Officer

It is critical that we ensure small businesses owned by people of color and women have equal opportunities for success.

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The Cornerstone of Stability and Prosperity: Basic Human Needs

By Dawn Grant, Senior Community Impact Officer

Since the pandemic began, a surge of families has joined thousands of others in the struggle to make ends meet.

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