Hartford Foundation for Public Giving Announces First Round of Grants from COVID-19 Response Fund

Last month, the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving launched the COVID-19 Response Fund to rapidly deploy resources to support the residents who are most significantly affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The Fund is designed to complement the work of federal, state and municipal government efforts and expand local capacity to address all aspects of the outbreak as efficiently as possible.

To date, the COVID-19 Response Fund has received support of $1,155,545 thanks to contributions from generous individuals, corporations and donor-advised-funds. For a complete listing of COVID-19 Response Donors follow this link.

"The Foundation created the COVID-19 Response Fund to provide both short- and long-term support, as our community and residents deal with the fallout from the pandemic," said Hartford Foundation president Jay Williams. "We have been overwhelmed by the response from our corporate community, our existing donors as well as generous residents who all recognize the need for this type of funding provide immediate assistance to nonprofits and support long-term efforts that will be necessary to stabilize our region in the aftermath of this crisis.”

The first round of grants totaling $1.06 million are supporting community-based organizations that provide basic human needs to residents with the greatest need.  Grant terms are for three months.





Basic Human Needs


Andover, Hebron, Marlborough Youth Services   

To help replace lost revenue so the organization can continue to provide telehealth mental health services to youth and families and other family support services.


The ARC of the Farmington Valley, Inc.


To support medical equipment and continued care for a population of 51 intellectually disabled residents, who are particularly at-risk for COVID-19.


Chrysalis  Center

To support enhanced technology needs, sanitation and food for the organization, particularly its Freshplace food pantry.


Community Renewal Team

To provide basic human needs services to Greater Hartford residents. Flexible funding will help the organization navigate a variety of needs including increased cleaning at its assisted living facility, increased need for case managers and will help it maintain its food delivery services to vulnerable residents.



To respond to increased food needs of Greater Hartford residents.


Forge City Works

To provide operating support to replace lost revenue.




To continue services that maintain the well-being of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Grant will help support personal protective equipment, additional sanitizing, increased staffing costs and lost revenue to allow the organization to continue to care for 100 intellectually disabled residents, who are particularly at-risk for COVID-19.



Hockanum Valley Community Council, Inc.

To allow the agency to continue to provide service to seniors and disabled residents including transportation, meal delivery, and telemedicine for mental health and substance abuse treatment.  HVCC is a Basic Human Needs provider for more than one-third of the 29 towns in the Foundation’s catchment area.


New Horizons,  Inc.

To provide for the safety of physically disabled residents in the Greater Hartford region. Grant will support technology, medical equipment and other needs to protect the safety of the organization’s 200 residents in our region who are particularly at-risk for COVID-19.





The Open Hearth Operating Association

To support increased food, cleaning and staffing costs to protect the safety of the 125 residents of the shelter.  


Town of Windsor Locks

To provide basic human needs to low-income residents. This grant to a municipality is being considered because the town is not meaningfully served by a nonprofit organization. The grant will support the local food pantry as well as rent and utility/oil assistance for 200 residents.





Hartford Community Loan Fund

To provide operating support for the Borrower Relief Program.





Urban League of Greater Hartford


To provide operating support to replace lost revenue. In tandem with repurposing of current grants, will support the organization to remain viable during the pandemic.















































Going forward, grants will be made from the COVID-19 Response Fund on a weekly basis. Hartford Foundation staff will continue to review applications and work with existing grantees to explore options to repurpose already awarded grant dollars and accelerate multi-year grant payments to address emerging needs. In addition to grant dollars, the Foundation will offer capacity building, technical support and lines of credit to nonprofit organizations in the Hartford region.

The Foundation seeded the Fund with $1 million of Foundation-directed dollars and raised an additional $1.1 million in donations from individual and corporate donors. Fundraising will continue throughout the public health crisis and the recovery, but it is clear that the consequences of COVID-19 will continue through the end of 2020. While the Fund will not be able to address all of the needs that arise, the Foundation expects to add additional Foundation-directed dollars to the COVID-19 Response Fund going forward.

To learn more about the COVID-19 Response Fund or to make a donation log onto www.hfpg.org/covid-19-response.