Below are some forms that will help you fulfill the required reporting for your grant.

Each grant is unique, so please refer to your grant award letter (and each payment letter) for the reporting requirements.

Thank you for your work in our community.


Clicking the links below will begin a download. Save the documents to your computer, edit and return to us by email at

Submitting Reports

  • Email all grant-related documents to
  • Be sure to sign your reports.
  • Include your grant number on all correspondence. (Your grant number can be found on your award letter.)

Communicating Your Award

You are welcome to, but we do not require efforts to communicate the good news about your grant. If you do decide to publicize the grant in any form, the text must be reviewed in advance by our Communications Department. Please allow at least one week. Here are some specifics:

News releases and newsletter/website stories: Please send your proposed text to Chris Senecal at assist with a basic announcement, a short, sample news release/newsletter story is available.

Our name is: Hartford Foundation for Public Giving. “The” does not precede the name on lists, plaques or initial use in stories but any subsequent references in articles can say “the Hartford Foundation.”

Specific funds: A grant from a specific fund at the Hartford Foundation should be noted in any announcement. For example, “This program was made possible by a grant from the Jane E. Doe Fund at the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving.” The fund name appears in the grant award letter.

Our logo: To request permission to use our logo, please contact Tom Zeleznock at 860-548-1888 x1056 or

Our website: If you have any questions about the website, please contact Tom Zeleznock at 860-548-1888 x1056 or

Social media: If you are awarded a grant by the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving, and you decide to publish a story about that grant, we encourage you to post the story on social media and tag us. Here are links to our Facebook and Twitter accounts. While we can make no guarantees, we are happy to help promote stories about our grants when possible. For questions about social media, you can contact us through our accounts, or contact Michaela Mendygral at 860-548-1888 x1037 or

Plaques/signs: Before finalizing language for a plaque or sign, please submit it for approval to Chris Senecal at

While the thought is appreciated, grantees should not feel the need to present plaques or similar acknowledgments to the Foundation.

Photos: We welcome photos for use in our communications. Digital photos are preferred. We can only use photos for which there are signed releases from all parties in the photo permitting its use. If you wish to use our photo release form, contact Michaela Mendygral at 860-548-1888 x1037 or