The Hartford Foundation Equity Pledge

I stand with others in the Greater Hartford community who are committed to the long-term work of dismantling systemic racism.


"Unless and until we acknowledge the insidious problem of systemic racism and persistently act against the status quo, we are destined to repeat a vicious cycle which erodes our society in ways that none of us will be able to escape.

Each of us can and must do more."

-Jay Williams, President, Hartford Foundation for Public Giving

Dismantling Structural Racism

The “dual pandemics” of COVID-19 and systemic racism affirmed our commitment to dismantle the racist structures that are barriers to health, safety, education and prosperity for tens of thousands of our neighbors across the Hartford region.

I promise to do my part to:

Encourage Diversity

Strive for Inclusion

Create More Opportunity for All

Take the Equity Pledge


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Greater Hartford Equity Pledge?

The pledge is one way each of us can commit to ending systemic racism across our community. While the pledge itself is symbolic, it does connect you to others in our community who are actively working to break down barriers to equity.

If I sign the pledge, what am I agreeing to do?

Taking the pledge means you will “encourage diversity, strive for inclusion, and create more opportunity for all.” It’s up to you to decide how.

However you keep your pledge, we’d love to hear from you. Send us a note at or give us a call at 860-548-1888.

Isn't this just Hartford's problem? 

Sadly, no. While some parts of Greater Hartford are more diverse than others, systemic racism is not limited to one town or neighborhood. Treating this as some other area’s problem is not a solution.

Actions You Can Take Today

Join the Foundation's Black Giving Circle Fund and/or Latino Endowment Fund.

Stay connected to our ongoing work.

Give to the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving.

To learn more about the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving, contact:
Deborah Rothstein, J.D. Vice President of Development