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Resources to Provide Assistance With Disaster Relief

We at the Hartford Foundation are deeply saddened by the devastation in Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Texas, Florida and other areas caused by recent natural disasters. Many Greater Hartford residents have families and friends in these areas and are concerned about their safety. We’ve created a list of resources and ways to give, and we urge everyone to consider helping those affected in any way you can. Please stay tuned for more guidance, resources and ways to engage people in the relief and rebuilding efforts.

We work with donors, nonprofits and community leaders to put resources into action for Greater Hartford.

For 90 years, we have advanced equity and opportunity in our 29-town region. The map below illustrates the reach of our grants over the past five years, supporting over 650 nonprofits and those they serve.

We serve 29 towns in Greater Hartford.
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Annual Report 2016

A look at the everyday actions that shape our community and create a more vibrant Greater Hartford.


Partnering with people invested in our community

Our donors bring a wide range of interests, convictions and ambitions to the table. We listen to and work closely with them to determine the type of fund that best suits their circumstances and philanthropic goals.

Join a Giving Circle

Collectively examine issues, support solutions.

Create a Donor-Advised Fund

Take an active role in grantmaking.

Explore Your Options for Philanthropy

Funds that reflect your interests and intentions.

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"I give to improve life now and in the future for people in my community."

-Nelly Rojas Schwan, member of the Latino Endowment Fund, and part of our I Am A Philanthropist campaign


Always learning from others

Every meaningful process starts with listening. We are committed to encouraging new ideas and new ways of collaborating as we respond to the highest, most pressing needs in the communities we serve.

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Our Mission: Putting philanthropy into action to create lasting solutions that result in vibrant communities within the Greater Hartford region.

Supporting those who do good work in the region

A diverse community calls for diversified investments. From building the capacity of nonprofits, to supporting the next generation of leaders, we are proud to put resources behind meaningful efforts.

Nonprofit Support Program Building effective and strong nonprofits
Scholarship Directory Achieve your goal of a college education
Start the Grant Seeking Process Nonprofits: Learn about requirements and steps
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Building a thriving community is a long term endeavor. 

Our carefully managed endowment guarantees the endurance of our resources and the progress it supports. Its strength allows us to protect tomorrow's assets while steadfastly addressing today's needs.


New and noteworthy

Oct 11, 2017 Hartford Foundation Awards $40,000 Grant For South Windsor Senior Center Renovations

The center's advisory council of 14 seniors will provide input on use of the new space.

Sep 29, 2017 Hartford Foundation Announces $25,000 Matching Contribution For Black Giving Circle Fund

This year the Black Giving Circle Fund has chosen to address the issue of financial literacy for children and youth.

Sep 25, 2017 Goodwin College Ceremony Recognizes First Class of Manufacturing Careers Collaborative

The Manufacturing Career Pathways Collaborative is a part of our $4.4 million Career Pathways Initiative.

Sep 18, 2017 Billings Forge Community Works and Our Piece of the Pie Receive $250,000 From Hartford Foundation For Opportunity Youth Job Training Program

One of the most significant needs young people have is obtaining soft job skills, training, credentials, and real world work experience that employers demand.

Sep 11, 2017 Hartford Foundation Approves $833,000 Grant For Hartford’s Six Brighter Futures Family Centers

Hartford Foundation continues its commitment to strengthen families and improve school readiness

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Stay informed—and involved.

The Hartford Foundation is pleased to fund a variety of resources, that can help you stay informed about important community news, access local services you need, and find meaningful volunteer opportunities.


This is the community’s vision of philanthropy.

Latino Endowment Fund: $50,000 Matching Grants

The Knight Foundation has offered up to $50,000 in matching grants to the Hartford Foundation's Latino Endowment Fund. Together, we can multiply our generosity and impact.

The Knight Foundation is currently matching donations to the Latino Endowment Fund dollar for dollar, up to $50,000. Learn more.
Introducing the Spark Funds

The Spark Funds allow Greater Hartford residents to have a more immediate impact in key areas, including Resident Engagement, Children & Families, and Workforce Development.

A new way to have an impact in key areas and affect change in Greater Hartford. Learn more about the new Spark Funds.
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New Funds and Planned Gifts

Each year, the Hartford Foundation partners with generous individuals, families, and organizations to improve the quality of life across the region.


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