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We work with donors, nonprofits and community leaders to put resources into action for Greater Hartford.

For 90 years, we have advanced equity and opportunity in our 29-town region. The map below illustrates the reach of our grants over the past five years, supporting over 650 nonprofits and those they serve.

We serve 29 towns in Greater Hartford.
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Metro Hartford Progress Points

Developed by a group of key regional stakeholders, Metro Hartford Progress Points is a periodic 'check up' for the region to build greater understanding about issues facing the Greater Hartford community.


Partnering with people invested in our community

Our donors bring a wide range of interests, convictions and ambitions to the table. We listen to and work closely with them to determine the type of fund that best suits their circumstances and philanthropic goals.

Summer Programs Directory

Browse a list of local youth summer programs.

Join a Giving Circle

Collectively examine issues, support solutions.

Explore Your Options for Philanthropy

Funds that reflect your interests and intentions.

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"The core definition of philanthropy is 'love of humankind' and there are stories about everyday philanthropy all around us. We want to raise them up and shine a light on them."


Always learning from others

Every meaningful process starts with listening. We are committed to encouraging new ideas and new ways of collaborating as we respond to the highest, most pressing needs in the communities we serve.

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"No one can do this work alone. Now, more than ever, relationships and partnerships drive every strategy, process and effort to advance our region."


Supporting those who do good work in the region

A diverse community calls for diversified investments. From building the capacity of nonprofits, to supporting the next generation of leaders, we are proud to put resources behind meaningful efforts.

Nonprofit Support Program Building effective and strong nonprofits
Scholarship Directory Achieve your goal of a college education
Start the Grant Seeking Process Nonprofits: Learn about requirements and steps
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Building a thriving community is a long term endeavor. 

Our carefully managed endowment guarantees the endurance of our resources and the progress it supports. Its strength allows us to protect tomorrow's assets while steadfastly addressing today's needs.


New and noteworthy

Dec 8, 2016 Hartford Foundation for Public Giving Welcomes Marlene Ibsen to Board of Directors

Ibsen’s appointment will begin on January 1, 2017 and ends on December 31, 2021.

Dec 5, 2016 Black Giving Circle Fund at the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving Makes Inaugural Grant to Support Early Literacy

The mission of Black Giving Circle Fund is “to create sustainable change in the Black community by leveraging the philanthropic efforts of donors and celebrating Black philanthropy.”

Nov 22, 2016 “I Am a Philanthropist” Ad Campaign Highlights Local Residents

The Hartford Foundation for Public Giving recently launched the second round of its “I Am a Philanthropist” ad campaign.

Nov 21, 2016 Vernon Public Schools Receives Grant to Enhance School, Family and Community Partnerships to Support Student Success

The Hartford Foundation for Public Giving has awarded a one-year, $377,624 grant to develop a district-wide plan to support family school and community partnership, student learning and student success.

Nov 7, 2016 Hartford Foundation Announces New and Improved Online Scholarship Directory for Area Students

Search from 100+ new scholarships in our newly redesigned directory.

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Stay informed—and involved.

The Hartford Foundation is pleased to fund a variety of resources, that can help you stay informed about important community news, access local services you need, and find meaningful volunteer opportunities.


This is the community’s vision of philanthropy.

Newton C. and Elsie B. Brainard Fund

This fund's advisory committee works with health care providers to help cover the costs of medical care for qualified individuals.

Having trouble paying medical bills from a serious illness? You may be eligible for help through your medical provider and the Brainard Fund. Learn more.
Black Giving Circle Fund

The Black Giving Circle Fund's mission is to create sustainable change in the Black community by leveraging the philanthropic efforts of donors and celebrating Black philanthropy.

Celebrating community, understanding the issues and supporting lasting solutions, together. Join the conversation and become a charter member of our new giving circle.
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New Funds and Planned Gifts in 2014.

Each year, the Hartford Foundation partners with generous individuals, families, and organizations to improve the quality of life across the region.


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