Simsbury Historical Society Prepares to Celebrate Town’s 350th Anniversary

May 12, 2020 will mark the 350th anniversary of the incorporation and naming of the Town of Simsbury. The Simsbury Historical Society has many initiatives planned to support the celebration, thanks in part to $54,000 from a Hartford Foundation for Public Giving (HFPG) donor-advised fund, awarded in 2018, for a variety of celebrations and exhibits. 

The fund distributed $24,000 for the Indigenous Peoples’ Stone Features’ Study in Ancient Simsbury. This study is being conducted throughout Simsbury to research and identify stone features from the indigenous people (stones that were worked or placed by Native Americans) who lived in what is now Simsbury either before or after 1670. In addition, $10,000 was awarded for the Indigenous/Native American/Indian Corner Exhibit and Education, which will feature Native American exhibits, as well as materials for sale in their gift shop, all in preparation for the town’s 350th anniversary.

Those familiar with Simsbury’s Art Trail, the collaborative project between the Simsbury Chamber of Commerce and local businesses that, from May 15 to September 15, will promote tourism, business and the many strengths and assets that Simsbury has to offer, know that more than 30 life-sized sculptures by artist Seward Johnson grace the trail. Thanks to $10,000 from the same HFPG donor-advised fund for the sculpture lease program, the Simsbury Historical Society has been able to rent four out of the five historical sculptures that can be found on their beautiful two-acre property.

This donor-advised fund also distributed $10,000 for the Historical Society to support the Martin Luther King Day Celebration and Memorial and a rotating exhibit that displays multiple dimensions of equality.

Joe Buda, President of the Simsbury Historical Society and Chair of their Board, indicates that “the grants from the Foundation have been instrumental in enabling the Simsbury Historical Society to focus on key initiatives that allow us to bring artwork to our grounds as part of the Simsbury Art Trail, as well as to address and research, not just the road to equality, but the indigenous people that lived in Simsbury for nearly 10,000 years.”

A donor-advised fund allows individuals and families to centralize their giving in one fund and make distributions to nonprofits on their own timetable.

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