Honoring Hispanic Heritage Month: A Letter from the Latino Endowment Fund

Hermanas y Hermanos,

This Hispanic Heritage Month, we want to lift up the power and reach of the Latino Endowment Fund (LEF).

The first of its kind in Connecticut and among the first of its kind in the US, the LEF was created in 2003 by a group of leaders in the community to improve life now and in the future for Latino residents of Greater Hartford.

As a giving circle, members of the Latino Endowment Fund come together yearly to decide how to direct funds to support the Latino community.   Once a year, non-profit organizations are invited to submit grant applications, members of the Latino Endowment Fund meet to review and discuss the proposals, and then vote to recommend a grant.

Most recently the Fund supported the Hartford Public Library for a program that provides Spanish residencies for immigrant women entrepreneurs to create and showcase their works’ cultural significance through pooled resources and collective strength.

They supported Know Thy Neighbor that created a program to bring together residents (Latinos and others) with police and others to build relationships and take collective action to create positive community-driven change.

As we look to the future, we will continue to focus on strengthening our connection to and impact on the Latino community by focusing on increasing the Fund, growing and diversifying our membership, and building bridges with community partners and allies.

The Latino Endowment Fund changes people’s lives. In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, please join us in the noble effort of making a difference in the Latino community. Working together, we can help to transform our community.  Volunteer your time in one of our many projects, donate to the fund or become a member so we can continue our great work.