HFPG Impact! Greater Hartford Helping to Secure Community Use at Dillon Stadium and Colt Park

HFPG Impact!Greater Hartford’s first planned investment is helping to secure inclusive community use in an exciting project in Hartford.  Subject to working through final commitments, the Hartford Foundation’s board will authorizea $1.2 million investment for the field at Dillon Stadium and a $500,000 investment to upgrade Colt Park, pending confirmation of final details.  The investment will help close a funding gap in the Dillon stadium project and it is contingent on a project agreement that meets community benefit and community use requirements.  HFPG Impact! Greater Hartford is also considering several other community projects in the region for potential investment.

“HFPG Impact! provides the Foundation with the opportunity to do its business differently as we lean in as a partner and a player at the table in conversations about community and economic development and economic growth in the region,” said Hartford Foundation President Jay Williams. “This investment would ensure residents, schools, and other community organizations have access to the fields at Dillon Stadium and Colt Park and is the type of inclusive community benefit that we will focus on. Working alongside public officials, business and finance leaders, leaders of our anchor institutions and nonprofit and community leaders we can bring our unique perspective and value-to make sure that ALL residents can contribute and benefit from these exciting development projects.”

“The Hartford Foundation's decision to make community economic development a central part of its mission is very significant for Hartford and for the capital region,” said Mayor Bronin.  “Their investment in the turf field will help ensure that the community can make full use of Dillon Stadium even during the soccer season, and the Foundation’s investment in Colt Park will ensure that we are able to make the upgrades that are so important to all of the users of Colt Park.  I’m grateful to the Foundation's Chair, JoAnn Price, and to the Board, as well as to Jay Williams and the entire team at the Foundation for taking this far-sighted, innovative approach to impact investing.”

HFPG Impact! Greater Hartford’s funding will allow for the installation of high-caliber organic infill and synthetic turf to ensure and maximize year-round community use and support improvements at Colt Park.  The wear and tear on as well as maintenance of a grass field would limit the chances for community use during the soccer season.  Potential users include local and regional youth and adult community groups, nonprofit program providers and school athletic programs.

This project would restore and return a significant community asset to the Sheldon/Charter Oak/Coltsville neighborhoods and to residents throughout the region. The community fields and adjacent national historic park provide new venues for training and games for Hartford youth and adult athletic and wellness programs that have struggled to access safe, quality fields within the City’s borders.  The project would also provide new venues for general resident-focused recreation and cultural events. HFPG Impact! Greater Hartford’s investment, would secure resident’s prioritized access to quality recreation space, of which there is insufficient availability within the City’s borders.

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