Hartford Foundation Releases Results of 2014 'Listen & Learn' Convenings

In the summer and fall of 2014, the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving held a series of 12 convenings by sector to learn more about what our nonprofit partners are seeing as trends in the field, challenges, potential opportunities, and gaps in service. Staff also asked for feedback and ideas about how we could provide better service and prioritize grant funding.  Over 120 agencies and 150 individuals participated in the dialogues. The information will help us to respond to identified gaps and create opportunities where our funding can have more impact for nonprofits and their clients. The key themes are highlighted and discussed in our Listen & Learn Nonprofit Convening Report.

We have begun planning and will implement programming in 2015. (See chart below for more.) If you have any thoughts or suggestions about these convenings, please submit them to programs@hfpg.org. Thank you to the many agencies that participated, the information we have gathered from all of you will inform our work as we move forward.


Results from 2014 "Listen & Learn" Convenings:



Click here to view or download our Listen & Learn Nonprofit Convening Report, with overviews and takeaways from our 2014 Listen & Learn sessions