Hartford Foundation Announces Eleventh Round of Grants from COVID-19 Response Fund

Grants to date totaling $6.4 million to more than 120 organizations providing basic human needs and other services to local residents 

In March, the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving launched the COVID-19 Response Fund to rapidly deploy resources to support the residents who are most significantly affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The Fund is designed to complement the work of federal, state and municipal government efforts and expand local capacity to address all aspects of the outbreak as efficiently as possible.

"The Hartford Foundation is continuing its efforts to support community nonprofit providers as they respond to residents needs during this public health and economic crisis,” said Hartford Foundation President Jay Williams. "This latest round of grants from the Fund not only includes resources to provide food and other basic needs, but also supports our region’s community health centers and the people they serve, training to support the efforts of our summer and youth development providers to allow them to provide online activities for our young people, and work to ensure that Keney Park continues to provide a clean and safe environment for community residents.”

The eleventh round of grants totaling $334,300 will support five community-based organizations that provide basic human needs and other critical supports.



Grant Amount

Community Health Center Association of Connecticut

Grant will provide flexible support to Charter Oak Health Center, Community Health Services, First Choice Health Centers, and Wheeler Clinic to provide basic human needs such as personal care items, household cleaning supplies, pharmacy delivery, telehealth and remote patient monitoring equipment.



Grant will support Google Classroom training to summer and youth development providers in the Greater Hartford region.


Friends of Keney Park

Grant will provide support for enhanced cleaning and monitoring of Keney Park to ensure the safety of visitors.


Life In My Days

Grant will support food distribution through mutual aid networks in Greater Hartford.


Re-Center Race
& Equity in Education

Grant will support infrastructure to build and sustain mutual aid efforts in Hartford as well as expenses related to food distribution.


Grants from the COVID-19 Response Fund are being made on a weekly basis. Hartford Foundation staff will continue to review applications and work with existing grantees to explore options to repurpose already awarded grant dollars and accelerate multi-year grant payments to address emerging needs. In addition to grant dollars, the Foundation will offer capacity building, technical support and lines of credit to nonprofit organizations in the Hartford region.

The Foundation has committed $6.4 million to the COVID-19 Response Fund through the end of May. Furthermore, the Foundation has received more than $4.1 million in donations from generous individuals, corporations and donor-advised-funds. For a complete listing of COVID-19 Response Donors follow this link.

Fundraising will continue throughout the public health crisis, but it is clear that the consequences of COVID-19 will continue through the end of 2020.

To learn more about the COVID-19 Response Fund or to make a donation log onto www.hfpg.org/covid-19-response.