Catalyst Endowment Fund: 2018 Topic & News

The 2018 topic of study for the Catalyst Endowment Fund will be:

Fight Blight: One Neighborhood at a Time

The negative impact of rundown and abandoned property is real and is a major factor in the overall decline of a community. Morale and a sense of belonging is tested as one stands on a front porch and views a streetscape of bad repairs and a lack of urban commitment. Along with blight comes arson, drug deals, squatters and prostitution.

If the Hartford area is to retain and attract residents and new investments, developing its curbside appeal must be a focus in supporting the vitality of communities, especially as Hartford faces fiscal challenges. Neighborhood Revitalization Zones are engaging residents, as well as a number of nonprofits in our region. What works and how great is the impact?



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Each year, the Catalyst Endowment Fund chooses a topic that they explore and discuss throughout the year, ultimately awarding a grant to a local nonprofit (or multiple nonprofits) that work in this area. Last year's topic was "Family Economic Security: Career Pathways." At the end of the year, a $50,000 grant was awarded to a program that recruits and trains women for manufacturing careers.

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Fight Blight: One Neighborhood at a Time
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