The Hartford Foundation for Public Giving held its annual Greater Together event on Thursday, September 29 at Pratt & Whitney Hangar in East Hartford. 

Our full livestream of the event can be viewed above.

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Neighborhood Beautification

Supporting Employment Opportunities

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Community Poems

Attendees of Greater Together 2022 had the opportunity to participate in community poetry facilitated and later performed by Versatile Poetiq. Individuals were encouraged to write a line or two responding to the passage written by the attendee before, creating the poems shared below.

Topic: Community 

Community is Love 
Your Heart moves Everything 
Community is your roots 
like a tree it allows you to grow and Flourish 
Community is the abode of the Heart 
It's the people, those closest in your home, but also those circles in your neighborhood, 
town, and state who share experiences and a vision for the future 
So what is the vision?
where will it lead us? 
Will we be able to go together? 

And who will come to the new place? 
Community allows support and gives a sense of belonging 
to be, to see, for knowledge to light 
It always is simplified with unity Bright 
Community is shared
Community is vital

Community is where you go to find like minded people, but also people who will challenge you to do something about it 
Unity is what truly makes a Community 
Community is where we create a shared language, experience, and sense of the world 
A Community provides a sense of belonging 
You feel like home when you're in Community 
A place where you can count on people to help you out
when you're in a bind 
When your world views expands and your connections grows 
Community puts other's above self 
And that's what matters Most! 

Topic: Opportunity 

Opportunity is in lots of ways the golden ticket. 
Opportunity opens doors that you might not have expected
Opportunity is expansive, freeing and the road to Joy 
Both for the receive and the giver 
Opportunity unites us, strengthens us
nurtures the broken heart from hopelessness 
Opportunity is new beginnings
Opportunity is knowing that you matter and you are Loved 
Opportunity is having the tools you need to Succeed 
Opportunity is helping everyone to learn to analyze and find solutions for life 
Opportunity opens locked doors and breathes life into Dreams 
Opportunity for new relationships and justice for all 
Opportunity knocks once don't be afraid of change,
jump in and take the Plunge 
Opportunity comes to those who are prepared to receive it 
Follow your heart and Passion and it will lead you to where you should be 
Never fear to Fail, Failure is an Opportunity to learn and grow 
To learn to grow; to connect and love yourself and your community more deeply than before 
Opportunity grows from multiple seeds, it's our responsibility sow those seeds 
Responsibility it's heavy but, it's how we support our Community 
Together we are stronger and can overcome any obstacle, open doors make it Happen 
And making it happen is an Opportunity 
Opportunity appears like a Falling Star
If you wait too long you'll miss it 
Close your eyes and take a leap 
Destiny will hold you and lead you  
Opportunity makes it's way to those who open their hearts and leap
People who came before are there to catch you 
Opportunity is a path with many gateways and many obstacles
It takes a Community to point us all in the right direction to reach their destination 

Community Mural 

Attendees also had the opportunity to create art with Emida Roller and contribute to the community painting seen below.


Check out some Photos from the night!

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