Developing Pathways to Opportunity En Español

For nearly a century, the Hartford Foundation has collaborated with donors at every level, and nonprofits and community leaders from every sector. Now, more than ever, relationships and partnerships drive our strategies, processes and efforts.

Our grantmaking is responsive to ever-changing community needs and opportunities. Throughout our history, we have closely examined and convened the community around its most pressing issues.

We envision a future where all residents have equitable opportunity to thrive and contribute to the wellbeing of our region.

Our three-year strategic plan focuses our resources and relationships on advancing:

Furthermore, because significant disparities exist in Greater Hartford by race, ethnicity and income, we must prioritize the people and places with the greatest need, providing them better access to high-quality opportunities.

In order to achieve enduring social change, our community’s efforts and investments must be well informed, integrated and collaborative.

The Foundation is intensifying efforts to build, join and support strong collaborations, and to forge creative, cross-cutting approaches.

Collaborating with our communities, we will employ the following key strategies:

  • Build, Sustain and Share Knowledge
  • Engage in Public Policy
  • Inspire Philanthropy and Steward Resources
  • Invest in the Region

Our progress is tied to our shared commitment.

Paving the way for equitable opportunity is a complex endeavor that will require many years of ongoing investment and collaboration by a range of community partners.

No one can do this work alone. We need your insight and input. We welcome new ideas and approaches. We want to hear from you.



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