Summer Program Support Tool Kit: Volume 4

Volume 4 of our Summer Program Support Tool Kit, Winter 2017 Edition, was developed by Anita Baker, Ed.D, of Evaluation Services, the Foundation’s evaluation support consultant for summer programs. Resources in this section include Anita's Summer Program Planning presentations from the past five years, as well as relevant articles on a number of topics.

The Hartford Foundation is pleased to continue its work with youth-serving and other nonprofits, exploring issues that affect program quality in summer programs for children, youth, or counselors-in-training or student interns in Greater Hartford. Programs vary in focus, covering everything from science, to arts, to programs for students and adults with special needs. Since 2012, the Hartford Foundation has worked with summer programs to integrate literacy activities that complement program themes, and to connect programs to local library resources and summer reading activities.

We encourage you to review this and the three other volumes of the tool kit, and use them as you develop your own Summer Plans. We welcome any feedback to help us improve the usefulness of the summer tool kit. 

Articles About Teen Involvement in Summer Programs

3 Ways To Evaluate Programs For Teenagers

10 Reasons Why Business Should Hire Former Camp Counselors

A Profile of the Evaluation of 4-H Camp Counseling

Developing and Keeping Great Counselors

Engaging Older Youth: Program and City-Level Strategies to Support Sustained Participation in Out-of-School Time

From Camper to Counselor: What Footprint Will You Leave?

The Development of Leadership Among Counselors-in-Training

The Value of Being a Camp Counselor: A Study of the Experiences and Personal Growth of Missouri 4-H Camp Counselors


The Youth Experience Survey 2.0: Instrument Revisions and Validity Testing 

Developmental Trauma Disorder: Towards a Rational Diagnosis for Children with Complex Trauma Histories


MAY 2017
Summer Program Planning Meeting: Planning and Evaluation Strategies


Summer Program Planning Meeting: CIT's, Youth Counselors/Workers and Other Teenagers 

MAY 2016
Summer Program Planning Meeting: Program Management and Evaluation 

Summer Program Planning Meeting: Logic, Models, Surveys, Rubrics

Pathway Map 

Summer Program Planning Meeting: Evaluation Reminders, Evidence-Based Programs, and Strategic Use of Data

Defining Evidence-Based Programs

Summer Program Plans For 2015 (Word doc)

Evaluation Data Collection: Initial Thoughts (Word doc)

Mock Summer Summary (Word doc)

MAY 2014
Summer Program Planning Meeting: Family Engagement, Summer Learning Loss, Record Reviews

Your Rubric: Literature Circle - Listening and Sharing: Sample Project

Wordle Handout

Summer Program Planning Meeting: Evaluation Basics, Journals, Qualitative Data Analysis

Coding Open-Ended Data: Example Activity 

MAY 2013
Summer Program Planning Meeting: Planning, Data Analysis, Observations

Handout: Using Targets To Help You Know When Your Programs Work

MAY 2012
Summer Program Planning Meeting: Evaluation Review, Data Collection, Summer Learning Loss Research

Evaluation Design Guide (Word doc)

Afterschool Literacy Development Project: Observation Summary Example (Word doc)

Survey Questionnaire Development and Assessment: Step-By-Step (Word doc)

Informational Meeting: Logical Planning and Getting Information From Parents


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