Together, we mobilize expertise and support for our region’s children and families.

We strive to build upon the successes and learnings of our individual projects at the local level, incorporating them into a unified, regional approach to early childhood systems development.

We're evolving.

Exciting changes are coming soon for the Hartford Area Child Care Collaborative. Stay tuned for details as we strengthen our long-standing partnership with the Hartford Foundation, and expand our work and approach.

As an integral part of the Hartford Foundation’s Early Childhood Investments (ECI) team, our combined resources, trusted relationships, experiences, and aligned goals will advance our efforts to strengthen the early childhood system.

Let’s build on our work together.

Your engagement keeps us informed of the wants and needs of the early childhood field, allowing us to better support you.

Over the years and through our many partnerships, we have learned from you that:

  • All who work with children and families need access to a continuum of high-quality professional development opportunities.
  • In order to move the early childhood field forward, there is a continued need for a place where new ideas can be incubated, financed, tested and aligned with system-building efforts.
  • Early childhood systems that are incubated and tested at the program and provider levels can drive regional and statewide change.
  • A Greater Hartford regional early childhood perspective provides valuable examples for statewide early childhood system building.
  • A high-quality early childhood system works across sectors and breaks down the silos to meet the many needs of children and their families.

Our work in Early Childhood Investments (ECI) offers:

  • Professional development to increase the quality and capacity of the early childhood workforce across sectors, and the organizations that interact with young children and families
  • Issue-oriented committees to generate new ideas and make connections across the early childhood system
  • Opportunities to pilot innovative new models to move the field forward
  • Information on best practice, new research, and current events
  • Legislative efforts affecting children and families
  • A hub for facilitating dialogue and collaborations between sectors
  • An affiliation to a professional organization that meets certification requirements for selected individuals in early childhood.

Let's amplify learning, conversation and connection in 2016.

The new Collaborative will be introducing its revised web site in early 2016 to provide enhanced opportunities for cross-sector learning, sharing, and dialogue. We want to do many things through this platform, including but not limited to:

  • Fostering an inclusive, supportive and united network of professionals committed to a vibrant early childhood system.
  • Providing online and offline vehicles to explore every-day and innovative ways to serve the whole child and family.
  • Sharing best practices, research and current efforts in the region with a focus on reaching cross-sector.
  • Encouraging you to add your voice and insights
  • Bridging our activities to include clear connections to K-12 education and service providers
  • Intentionally reaching out to include those who may not be connected yet to this network, such as home-based providers, and health and human services for young children


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