We’re building strong partnerships to support children’s development and learning, and family and community well-being.

The Foundation works on the local level with neighborhood residents, municipal leaders, and community-based programs and services to support the success of Greater Hartford families and their children, in school and beyond.

These partnerships have improved local access and program quality in the areas of early learning and development, health, family support and civic engagement, and the early grades of school.

Brighter Futures Family Centers

Located in six Hartford neighborhoods , Brighter Futures Family Centers provide programs and services that support parents in their role as a child’s first nurturer, teacher and advocate. Last year, the Centers served more than 1,500 families.

Centers are located in the Asylum Hill, Charter Oak, Blue Hills, Frog Hollow, Clay Arsenal and Parkville neighborhoods. Services at each Center are informed by its own parent advisory board, professional staff and an array of partnering community-based agencies. 


Each Center provides: 

  • Early childhood education and parenting programs to increase parents’ knowledge of child development and enhance parenting skills.
  • Specialized programing on-site by multiple community and state agencies
  • Links to local basic human needs resources
  • Support for parents who need assistance earning their GED, understanding and speaking the English language, using the computer and improving their financial literacy.
  • Family activities and playgroups, designed to help parents and children learn together.
  • Parent leadership and adult development services
  • Information about other community, city, state and national resources.
  • Flexible hours of operation that include weekends and evenings.

Funded since their inception by the Foundation, with the support of numerous other funders, the Centers are part of the Foundation’s education strategy to prepare Hartford children for school success.  

Hartford Family Support Network

As part of this initiative, the Foundation works to develop links between the centers and other early childhood family support entities in Hartford, such as the Hartford Public Schools’ Family Resource Centers, the CREC Welcome Center, and Hartford Public Library.

Collaborative planning and effective service delivery among family support programs is required to create a much-needed local vehicle to incubate, demonstrate, and inform early childhood systems building at the municipal level.

We believe that a network of family support programs that share a common vision and commit to high standards of program quality can improve opportunities for all children in Hartford, enhancing the likelihood that they will arrive at school ready to learn and succeed.   

Brighter Futures Family Centers: Information & Hours:

Asylum Hill Family Center
Catholic Charities
60 Gillett Street, Suite 101
Hartford, CT 06105
Phone: 860-244-9944


El Centro de Desarrollo y Reafirmación Familiar
Institute for the Hispanic Family, Catholic Charities
45 Wadsworth Street
Hartford, CT 06106
Phone: 860-524-6853


Parker Memorial Family Center
(at Parker Memorial Community Center)
Catholic Charities
2621 Main Street
Hartford, CT 06120
Phone: 860-757-0827


Parkville Family Center
Family Life Education
30 Arbor Street, Suite 102
Hartford, CT 06106
Phone: 860-233-9700 


RAMBUH Family Center
The Village for Families & Children
105 Spring Street
Hartford, CT 06106
Phone: 860-236-4511 x3885


Southside Family Center
Catholic Charities
36 Groton Street
Hartford, CT 06106
Phone: 860-297-7800



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