Literacy is a critical skill for employment and family economic stability. En Español

Adult literacy efforts have been supported by the Foundation since 2006 to improve services to the adult learner. Move UP!, the Capital Region Adult Literacy Partnership, grew out of these early efforts and focuses on strengthening, improving and implementing the regional adult literacy plan.

In 2014, MoveUP! launched the Contextualized Learning Institute, which trains literacy providers to work with job skills instructors, and also developed two-generational strategy partnerships to begin in 2015. 

Understanding the scope of need and progress made

Adult literacy is a significant issue in Greater Hartford, but we lack current and quality data to advocate for and target resources.

Therefore, the Foundation is funding a study that will collect and analyze multiple data sources to provide better baseline metrics and deepen our understanding of the issue.  The study will enable us to better support advocacy, improve targeting of services and funding to low literacy adults, and accurately measure progress.



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