Words To Give By Participant Talks About Performing Random Acts of Kindness

A couple of years ago, James Ryan of Meriden decided to celebrate his birthday in a unique way: He would perform random acts of kindness, one for each year he had been alive. Ryan spent the day doing small acts of kindness for strangers, and by the end of the day, he had racked up over 100 individual acts. In the video below, Ryan talks about the experience and why he decided to do it.

In March of 2015, Ryan shared his story with the Hartford Foundation and WNPR for our Words To Give By project. Based on the success of the project, we've decided to bring Words To Give By back for 2016. If you have an interesting story about an act of kindness, please consider signing up and sharing your story at one of our many recording locations this March. Details and registration can be found at our website:




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