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Catalyst Endowment Fund: 2018 Topic & News

Jan 29, 2018 The 2018 topic of study for the Catalyst Endowment Fund will be "Fight Blight: One Neighborhood at a Time" [...]

Catalyst Endowment Fund Awards $50,000 to Program to Recruit and Train Women in Manufacturing Careers

Oct 25, 2017 Connecticut manufacturers are struggling to find skilled labor for a growing number of positions [...]

Catalyst Endowment Fund June 20 Meeting Summary

Jun 29, 2017 Members continue discussion of 2017 theme: “Family Economic Security” [...]

Three Hartford Foundation Giving Circles Convene to Discuss the Power of Collective Philanthropy

Apr 11, 2017 This was the second annual collective gathering of members of the Black Giving Circle Fund, the Catalyst Endowment Fund and the Latino Endowment Fund. [...]

Catalyst Endowment Fund Members Discuss Family Economic Security at March Meeting

Apr 6, 2017 Approximately 85 members and guests attended the Glastonbury Boathouse on March 30. [...]

Catalyst Endowment Fund: 2017 Topic

Jan 27, 2017 Information about this year's Catalyst Fund topic, plus meeting dates. [...]

Injury Prevention Center Receives Grant to Help Families Impacted by Domestic Violence

Oct 26, 2016 Catalyst Endowment Fund to award $50,000 grant to address the mental health consequences of exposure to trauma [...]

June 15 Catalyst Endowment Fund Meeting Summary

Jun 23, 2016 Members have in-depth discussion of 2016 theme: “Addressing the Mental Health Challenge” [...]

Catalyst Endowment Fund: 2016 Topic and Related Links

May 3, 2016 Our topic for 2016 will be Addressing the Mental Health Challenge. [...]

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