Do you meet our basic guidelines?

Our grant process begins with a conversation. Before you call, the interactive tool below will help you determine if you meet our basic guidelines.


Grantee Criteria
Is your organization a 501(c)(3) nonprofit?

The Hartford Foundation only grants awards to 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations and in some cases, to public agencies, when Foundation special projects are involved. In some instances a grant may be made through a fiscal agent.


Does a significant portion of your organization's services benefit residents of the Hartford Foundation's 29-town region?

As a community foundation, we only make grants that benefit residents in our funding region. If your organization is in Connecticut but does not serve our funding region, you can find the community foundation that serves your town through the Connecticut Council for Philanthropy.

Does your organization operate under best practices for governance? (Do you have a board that meets regularly? Do they provide financial oversight of the organization's resources?)

The Foundation looks for organizations that have highly functioning governance structures in place. Here are some resources that can help support your efforts to use best practices:

Are your board of directors and staff representative of the racial/ethnic diversity of the region you serve?

The Hartford Foundation believes that having diverse viewpoints leads to richer perspectives and better understanding of the needs and solutions critical to serving a more diverse client population. We expect agencies that serve a broad spectrum of the population to have boards and staff that reflect that diversity. This is a critical factor to reviewing any grant request.

We encourage you to consider participating in Leadership Greater Hartford's Leaders on Board program, which can connect your organization with trained and committed individuals looking to serve on a board.

Your organization meets our basic guidelines. The next step is to read our grantmaking guidelines and our key policies to better understand our grantmaking.

If you have questions or believe you are ready to begin the application process, please review our grantmaking process and then give us a call at 860-548-1888 to speak with Tara Sundie, Community Investments Associate.

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