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Since 1925, thousands of donors have entrusted their funds to us to distribute to projects, organizations and collaborations that show promise of substantial and sustainable community benefit. 

Our understanding of the community’s needs is shaped by specific requests from nonprofits and by our broad assessment of regional priorities. This means that our grantmaking is both responsive to changing community needs and opportunities, and addresses major issues that affect the well being of the entire Greater Hartford region.

Furthermore, we have seen that equal distribution of resources will not result in equal outcomes. Significant disparities exist in Greater Hartford by race, ethnicity and income. Our grantmaking is guided by this recognition and will prioritize the people and places with the greatest need so that all residents have equitable supports to achieve and flourish.

About 65% of our grantmaking responds to requests for funding from nonprofits. We support a variety of broad-based areas that reflect the diverse needs and interests of our region, such as:

  • Arts and culture
  • Education
  • Family and social services
  • Health
  • Housing and economic development 

The remaining 35% of funding targets priority areas. These are areas in which the Foundation commits significant resources over an extended period of time to meet important community needs. 

In 2016, we awarded 2,287 grants amounting to more than $33.4 million. We have awarded $687 million in grants since our founding in 1925.

2018 Grants by Program Area 


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