RESPOND-REBUILD-RENEW FUND at the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving


When a natural disaster strikes, tragedy occurs, or when an event transpires that intersects with our core values, whether here at home or in other communities around the world, many look for ways to offer support and resources.


The Hartford Foundation stands ready to inform and connect residents in our region to organizations and efforts that will have the most impact.

To this end, we have established a new fund -- the Respond-Rebuild-Renew Fund -- to support the immediate and longer-term recovery, rebuilding, and renewal efforts that face residents in Greater Hartford communities affected by unforeseen crises. The Fund will address recovery, rebuilding, and renewal efforts once emergency needs are met.

In addition to seeding and managing the fund, we will:

  • Share information about the immediate and longer-term impact of unforeseen crises for our region.
  • Provide guidance for giving locally and beyond our borders.
  • Identify and target opportunities where your giving can have the greatest impact.
  • Share our knowledge about local and state grantees that are engaged in the activities you want to support.

The Fund will support:

  • Nonprofits and public sector entities addressing immediate and longer-term needs of residents and communities in Greater Hartford
  • Gaps where public resources are limited or unavailable
  • Collaborations among government, business, community organizations and nonprofits
  • Public awareness and education efforts
  • Community dialogues around issues related to the crisis
  • Legal services support and coordination

Disaster Relief Information

General disaster information and resources 
  • The Center for Disaster Philanthropy is a reputable resource for donors who want to support crises worldwide.
  • Community foundations exist in every community across the United States and world. They have specialized knowledge about the needs of their communities and the organizations that can support relief, recovery and rebuilding
Up-to-date disaster giving resources 

We will update this webpage as new resources, issues and opportunities emerge


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