Resources for donors

Explore resources to help you build, share and live a philanthropic life.


The Chronicle of Philanthropy: Serves nonprofit leaders, fundraisers, grantmakers and others, and helps nonprofit workers do their jobs.

Council on Foundations: Provides the opportunity, leadership, and tools needed by philanthropic organizations to expand, enhance, and sustain their ability to advance the common good.

Connecticut Association of Nonprofits: Helps nonprofits help Connecticut by connecting organizations with vital information, education, advocacy and collaboration.

The Foundation Center: A leading source of information about philanthropy worldwide.

Grantmakers for Effective Organizations: A diverse community of 500 grantmakers working to reshape the way philanthropy operates.

Independent Sector: A leadership network for nonprofits, foundations and corporations committed to advancing the common good.  

National Center for Family Philanthropy: The only national nonprofit dedicated exclusively to families who give and those who work with them.  


Learn how to take a thoughtful, strategic approach to charitable giving through the Hartford Foundation’s “About Philanthropy” videos on YouTube.


The Giving Family: Raising Our Children to Help Others by Susan Crites Price

In this well-informed and easy-to-read book, Susan Crites Price discusses many ways parents can foster philanthropy in their children.


Inside American Philanthropy: The Dramas of Donorship by Waldemar A. Nielsen

Nielsen was one of the great observers and critics of 20th century American philanthropy. This little book would be worth consulting if it were simply the culmination of a lifetime of his reflections, which it is. But it is especially valuable for its concise, well-written stories of individual philanthropists, both those who succeeded and those who failed.


Giving Back: A Tribute to Generations of African American Philanthropists By Valaida Fullwood

In Giving Back, Valaida Fullwood poignantly chronicles the African American philanthropy experience. Intimate vignettes and candid reflections reveal a myriad of philanthropic practices grounded in faith, mutuality, and responsibility.


Inspired Philanthropy: Creating a Giving Plan by Tracy Gary and Melissa Kohner

This is a workbook designed for people who wish to link their giving to personal values. It is a solid resource for givers at every level, from modest to substantial, which guides the reader through the development and implementation of a giving plan. Hear Tracy Gary give tips for creating an inspired giving plan…


A Kid’s Guide to Giving by Freddi Zeiler

This guide originated when author Freddi Zeiler, at age 14, decided she wanted to make a difference in the world. There were so many charitable organizations to choose from that she didn’t know where to begin – so she set out to research them all.


Money and the Meaning of Life by Jacob Needleman

“Philosopher Needleman believes that our obsession with money and compulsion for material wealth undercut personal authenticity: ‘The money question is formed in us at the very roots of our personality, instilling a narrow attitude of personal gain. If only we would step back and look at the emotional and spiritual effects money has on us, the green stuff could serve the aim of self-knowledge and become a tool for breaking out of our mental prison,’ insists Needleman. ‘Then we would appreciate existence as a gift.’” – Publishers Weekly


The Perfect Gift: The Philanthropic Imagination in Poetry and Prose by Amy A. Kass

The Perfect Gift aims to cultivate and enlighten our philanthropic imagination. It addresses us all as present and future philanthropists – as human beings who give, serve and seek to promote the well-being of others. It suggests that we are continually confronted with choices about giving, and offers literary selections to help us reflect more seriously on these choices.


The Soul of Money by Lynne Twist

“Lynne’s wisdom is the precise healing message about money needed in this time.” – Vicki Robin, author of Your Money or Your Life


Values-Based Estate Planning by Scott Fithian

“Scott Fithian’s book provides planning professionals with new insights into the estate planning process. Most importantly, he stresses the individual and family benefits of philanthropy—through the concept of social capital – which should be a key element to the planners inventory of client questions.” – Charles W. Collier, Senior Philanthropic Advisor, Harvard University


Wealth in Families by Charles W. Collier

This book takes a fresh look at family issues and philanthropic opportunities that affect almost everyone. “The real wealth of your family is not financial,” says author Charles W. Collier, senior philanthropic adviser at Harvard University.


The World We Want: New Dimensions in Philanthropy and Social Change by Peter Karoff

By sharing his experiences and through conversations with more than 40 social entrepreneurs, activists, nonprofit leaders, and philanthropists, Peter Karoff presents a collective vision of an ideal world. He describes how new partnerships and approaches are reducing suffering and gaining greater equity for people across the globe. 

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