Together, we can do more.

The challenges facing our diverse communities, families and individuals are too large to be solved by the resources of any one player acting alone. When we combine resources, however, we can achieve meaningful change. 

The Foundation offers flexible partnership options and works closely with private foundations to increase the impact of their giving across the community.

We partner with private foundations by:


Serving as a trusted resource

As a broad-based community funder, the Hartford Foundation touches most areas of the nonprofit sector. Your foundation has its own areas of expertise. Together, we have a lot of knowledge to share about potential funding opportunities in Greater Hartford and beyond.


Aligning missions

With an eye on outcomes, we welcome conversations about ways to align grantmaking with private foundations in areas of mutual interest to maximize charitable impact in the community.


Providing a vehicle for distribution

When those with private foundations face the challenge of meeting the 5% distribution requirement, the Hartford Foundation may offer an attractive solution. We can accept contributions from private foundations, which will be considered “qualified distributions.” When donated to a donor-advised fund, individuals can then continue to advise on the use of their gift over time, having met the 5 percent payout requirement.


Ensuring perpetuity

When principals of private foundations reach the stage at which oversight, administration and compliance is becoming unwieldy and costly, donor-advised funds serve as a flexible option. Assets from dissolving a private foundation may be used to establish a donor-advised fund at the Hartford Foundation, with continued involvement, as desired, and the assurance that their original charitable goals will be met.

The Hartford Foundation is grateful for the many investments private foundations make each year to programs and services that improve our region for so many. We welcome inquiries about ways the Hartford Foundation can enhance those efforts.

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