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From left to right: standing  Gordon Scott, Richard N. Palmer, Andrew R. Worthington, Elsa M. Núñez, Marlene M. Ibsen, Yvette Meléndez, Rodney O. Powell, sitting  Nancy P. Bernstein, JoAnn H. Price, R. Nelson Griebel, Theodore S. Sergi

JoAnn H. Price,

Founding Partner and President, Fairview Capital Partners, Inc.

Appointed by the Board of Directors, 2010

Nancy P. Bernstein

President and Chief Operating Officer, Women’s Health USA; President and Chief Executive Officer, Women’s Health Connecticut

Appointed by the Chair, United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut, 2013

Elsa M. Núñez

President, Eastern Connecticut State University

Appointed by the Board of Directors, 2016

Theodore S. Sergi,
Vice Chair

Retired, President and CEO, The Connecticut Science Center

Appointed by the Judge of Probate Court, District of Hartford, 2014

R. Nelson Griebel

President and Chief Executive Officer, MetroHartford Alliance

Appointed by the Chair, MetroHartford Alliance, 2016

Richard N. Palmer

Associate Justice, Connecticut Supreme Court

Appointed by the Chief Justice of the Connecticut Supreme Court, 2016

Andrew R. Worthington, Treasurer

Senior Vice President, Wealth Management, Long River Advisors, UBS Financial Services, Inc.

Appointed by the Board of Directors, 2015

Marlene M. Ibsen

Vice President, Community Relations, Travelers, and CEO & President, Travelers Foundation

Appointed by the Trustee Banks, 2017

Rodney O. Powell

President, Corporate Citizenship and President, Eversource Foundation, Eversource Energy

Appointed by the Hartford Consortium for Higher Education, 2012

Yvette Meléndez

Retired, Vice President for Government and Community Alliances, Hartford Healthcare and Hartford Hospital

Appointed by the Board of Directors, 2005
(Currently on hiatus from the Board of Directors while serving as Interim President)

Gordon Scott

CEO, Hartford West Indian Bakery Co., Inc.
DBA Scotts’ Jamaican Bakery

Appointed by the Board of Directors, 2016