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Every day, we see the impact of connection and persistence.

For many local families, AHM is an important community resource helping children and teens reach milestones and realize their potential. Over the years, the Foundation’s investments have contributed to AHM’s capacity to consistently deliver exceptional programming and impact.

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Building on Success

There are hundreds of small but vital nonprofits in Greater Hartford contributing to our region’s character and quality of life.

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A sampling of stories shows the many ways the Foundation and its partners are advancing a more vibrant and equitable region.

2016 Highlights





35 New Funds

Created in 2016

1,153 NAMED 

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Big ideas and initiatives take root and grow, one relationship at a time.

For returning citizens, gainful employment can make the difference between recidivism and success.

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Play-based Learning

Parents and teachers of young children in Enfield and Manchester are learning how to be facilitators of intentional, skill-building play.

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Progress through Partnership

Seven Greater Hartford school districts are evolving their practices to build stronger family, school, and community partnerships.

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Everyday actions become guiding principles, shaping lives and communities.

Socio-economic segregation threatens the wellbeing of our children and communities. It underlies many of our region’s interconnected issues, but it also points the way to potential collaborative solutions.

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Deployed in collaboration with nonprofit partners throughout the state, the Foundation reminded Connecticut residents of the power of their vote through its nonpartisan campaign, “My Hope. My Voice. My Vote.”

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The Foundation aims to empower all residents to contribute to a thriving community. We have a long, proven history of immigration grantmaking to organizations that provide council, support and access to equitable opportunities.

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Each of us can make a difference by extending opportunity and practicing philanthropy.

In the weeks leading up to her retirement as president of the Hartford Foundation, Linda reflected on the role of community foundations, the process and people that advance sustainable impact, and her hopes for the community.

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In 2016, the Foundation saw the passing of Justice David M. Borden, and the retirement of Robert B. Goldfarb. Both served on our Board since 2007 and brought invaluable perspective and unyielding commitment to our mission.

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Donor Stories

The Hartford Foundation is proud to partner with the individuals, families and organizations who created new funds in 2016.

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Giving Circles

Each unique 2016 Giving Circle grant sought to remedy a disparity and meaningfully support a vulnerable population.

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And, together we can ensure a vibrant and equitable Greater Hartford for all.