Growth, collaboration & impact: Our first 90 years

Ninety years ago, two bankers, Maynard T. Hazen and Clark T. Durant, had a vision: establish a community-wide charitable endowment that would accept “gifts, devises and bequests” to serve as a trustworthy, steadfast and responsive charitable resource to the community forever.

What sort of institution would they see now? Charitable assets that grew from a single bequest of $1,000 now total approximately $917 million, and to date, the Foundation has awarded $687 million in grants. Yet we remain committed to our original cause: improving the well-being and quality of life for residents throughout the region.

Our 2015 annual report explores our shared legacy. 

For nearly a century, the Hartford Foundation has collaborated with donors at every level, nonprofits of every kind, and community leaders from every sector to closely examine, convene and mobilize the community around its most pressing issues.

As the issues confronting our community have become more complex, so too have our means of addressing them. Over the years we have greatly expanded our reach “beyond the grant” with a goal of supporting thriving communities where every child can learn and succeed, where the arts continue to uplift and inspire and where families are healthy, productive and strong contributors to the economic and civic life of the region.

As we recenly celebrated our 90th anniversary, we saw our progress tied to what we have done. We are committed to affect — and we affirm that continuing to advance this community for generations to come is possible when we work together for good.

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