Building a thriving community is a long-term endeavor.

The Foundation manages a sizable permanent endowment designed to benefit the Greater Hartford community. We balance risk and return, growth and spending so we can protect tomorrow’s assets while addressing today’s needs.

Our financial policies and practices help us to remain consistently present for our region, even during trying economic times when nonprofits and those they serve need us the most.

Thanks to the generous donors who trust us to put their giving to meaningful work, and the committed volunteers and professionals who patiently manage their investment, our perpetuity is our promise to Greater Hartford.

The growth of our endowment since 1925


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Our endowment as of December 31, 2016: $917 million

The growth of our grantmaking since 1925


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Grantmaking 2018


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Our total grantmaking in 2017: $34,542,526


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