The Foundation's spending policy and investment strategy are designed to work together to provide the financial stability required to fulfill our mission.

They are intended to avoid significant fluctuations in the level of funding available for current grantmaking, and provide for investment growth to offset the impact of inflation on future grantmaking.  

We are committed to transparency and invite you to explore our financial policies, practices and performance.

Our Financial Policies, Practices and Performance


Investment Governance and Policy

An explanation of the Foundation’s investment policy, which the Board of Directors and Investment Committee oversees.


Investment Management

About our endowment portfolios, investment philosophy and managers, and asset allocation and rebalancing.


Investment Performance

A review of the investment performance of the Foundation’s broadly diversified endowment portfolio.


Spending Policy

The Foundation's spending policy, designed to preserve the inflation-adjusted value of the portfolio over time.


Fees & Fund Minimums

An explanation of the administrative fees applicable to various types of funds. 


Annual Audits

The Foundation’s financial statements, available for download.



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