We are grateful to the many professionals who support the Hartford Foundation and connect their charitable clients to our resources.

The Foundation has the privilege of working with accountants, attorneys, financial advisors, insurance professionals and others who work with their clients on charitable gift planning.

We recognize and especially thank those who have served on our board’s professional advisory committee.

Professional Advisory Committee

Monique R. Polidoro. Esq. (Chair)
Vanessa Roberts Avery, Esq.
Jill H. Clark, CPA
Jason W. Cohen, Esq.
John W. Eckel, CFP, CFA
Christiana N. Gianopulos, Esq.
Suzanne S. Giuffrida, Senior Vice President
Shera G. Golder, Esq.
Susan M. Grayson, MBA
Austin S. Hersh
Denis M. Horrigan, CFP
William T. Johnson
Ryan V. Leichsenring, Esq.
Greg F. Mendoza, CRPS ®
Stephen Mok
Sheila S. Moses, CPA, P.C.
Mitzchka Basman Ortiz, Esq.
Nelson J. Rodriguez
Andrew Salak
Sandra Sherlock-White, Esq.
Gregory J. Spuches Jr., Esq.
Timothy Throckmorton
Michael J. Welch CPA/ PFS, JD, LLM


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