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Hartford Foundation Testimony For S.B. 752, An Act Concerning Housing Segregation

Mar 22, 2017 The Hartford Foundation for Public Giving submitted testimony for S.B. 752, An Act Concerning Housing Segregation, for a public hearing being held by the General Assembly’s Planning and Development Committee today. [...]

A Farewell Message From Linda J. Kelly

Mar 17, 2017 Hartford Foundation president Linda J. Kelly retires today, after 11+ years of service to our foundation. [...]

24 Years of Service: Our Interview With Hartford Foundation Volunteer Dick Cave

Mar 17, 2017 We spoke with Dick Cave ahead of his retirement at the end of the month, about how things have changed at the foundation during his 2+ decades here. [...]

Hartford Foundation Sponsors 6th Annual Greater Hartford Reentry Employment and Resource Fair

Mar 7, 2017 Every year in Connecticut, more than 10,000 individuals are released back into the community from one of our correctional institutions. [...]

Hartford Foundation Testimony on the Office of Early Childhood, and Universal Preschool

Mar 6, 2017 On Monday, March 6, the Hartford Foundation submitted testimony to the legislature's Education Committee on two Senate Bills. [...]

Hartford Foundation Testimony Regarding S.B. 752, An Act Concerning Housing Segregation

Mar 6, 2017 Connecticut has been a leader in open data, but there is a conspicuous gap in the availability of data on housing which inhibits planning and action at the local, regional and state levels. [...]

Hartford Foundation Testimony Regarding S.B. 873, An Act Concerning A Two-Generational Initiative

Mar 6, 2017 The testimony cites our work as an active member of the statewide Two-Generational Policy Workgroup. [...]

Hartford Foundation Testimony on S.B. 2, An Act Concerning the Development of a More Equitable Education Cost-sharing Grant Formula

Mar 6, 2017 The Foundation expressed appreciation to the Administration and legislators for their efforts to create a more equitable system of funding for public schools. [...]

Hartford Foundation’s Record-Breaking Grantmaking Topped $33.3 Million in 2016

Feb 27, 2017 A vibrant and strong Greater Hartford requires that all residents have equitable opportunities to flourish. [...]

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