Catalyst Endowment Fund: 2019 Topic & News

The 2019 topic of study for the Catalyst Endowment Fund will be:

Breaking the Cycle: Juvenile Justice Reform

Each year about 3,000 children enter Connecticut’s juvenile justice system after being convicted of breaking the law. This sets many youth on a path of repeated incarceration—about 75% of juveniles on parole are rearrested and 75% of these youths are recommitted. Youth of color are over-represented within the juvenile justice system—black children are five times more likely to be arrested than white children. Many defendants are jailed because of an inability to afford modest bails. Should the court system should be more protective of criminal defendants until the age of 21?  Once youth have been incarcerated, what can be done to get them back on a path to success? What are the civil rights of these youth?


2019 Catalyst program dates 

Thursday, March 21

Wednesday, June 19

Tuesday, October 22



Each year, the Catalyst Endowment Fund chooses a topic that they explore and discuss throughout the year, ultimately awarding a grant to a local nonprofit (or multiple nonprofits) that work in this area. Last year's topic was "Fight Blight: One Neighborhood at a Time" At the end of the year, two $26,000 grants were awarded to two programs addressing blight in Hartford. 

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Breaking the Cycle:  Juvenile Justice Reform
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