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Urban League Receives $36,000 Hartford Foundation Grant to Revisit “The State of Black Hartford”

Jul 6, 2016 Urban League of Greater Hartford receives grant to produce a new edition of their 1994 publication. [...]

Connecticut State BioBlitz Sets New World Record With 2,765 Species Identified in Single Day

Jun 21, 2016 Connecticut State BioBlitz set a world record by collecting and identifying 2,765 different animal, plant and other species in the span of just 24-hours. [...]

Greater Hartford Arts Council Receives $500,000 Grant from Hartford Foundation

May 25, 2016 The funding will enable the Arts Council to maintain its community investment and program staff to administer granting programs and deliver organizational support services for arts organizations. [...]

Summer Programs For Youth Awarded $790,000 By Hartford Foundation

May 9, 2016 Summer program funding targets Hartford and East Hartford children as well as local youth with disabilities. [...]

Hartford Foundation’s Record-Breaking Grantmaking Topped $33.1 Million in 2015

Feb 22, 2016 Through the support of our generous donors, we were able to award a total of 2,135 grants amounting to $33.1 million. [...]

Hartford Stage Company Receives $200,000 Hartford Foundation Grant to Complete Renovation Project

Dec 3, 2015 The Hartford Stage has been working to expand its productions to update its facility and bring it up to code. [...]

New England Air Museum Receives $230,000 Grant from Hartford Foundation for Major Renovation Project

Jul 27, 2015 Visitors to the New England Air Museum will enjoy opportunities to experience the story of aviation with the support of a new grant [...]

Stowe Center Receives $300,000 Grant from Hartford Foundation for Facility Renovation and Improvement Project

Jul 9, 2015 The Stowe Center is reimagining the visitor experience in the house, with innovative techniques telling the significant story of Stowe’s impact on America’s view of race and freedom. [...]

Bated Breath Theatre Company Receives $50,000 Grant from Hartford Foundation for Public Giving

Jun 17, 2015 Hartford-based theatre company performances attempt to bring works of art to life through theater [...]

Region's Summer Programs for Youth Awarded $790,000 by Hartford Foundation

May 13, 2015 More than 12,000 school-age youth in Greater Hartford are expected to participate in summer learning programs thanks to more than $790,000 in grants from the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving. [...]

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