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Hartford Foundation Awards $560,000 in Grants to Support Food Programs, Other Basic Services

Nov 5, 2018 The Hartford Foundation for Public Giving is awarding grants totaling $560,000 to 69 nonprofit agencies that provide food and other basic human needs to residents throughout Greater Hartford. [...]

In Celebration of Its 15th Anniversary, the Latino Endowment Fund Presents, Una Conversacion Entre Familia: Collective Giving and the Power of Latino Philanthropy

Oct 25, 2018 The event commemorated the 15th anniversary of the Latino Endowment Fund at the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving. [...]

Career Pathways Initiative Partners Reflect on First Three Years of Collaboration and Chart a Path for the Future

Oct 24, 2018 While Connecticut is one of the wealthiest states in the nation, Hartford and some of its inner suburbs are among our nation’s poorest, having experienced much higher unemployment rates than the regional and state averages. [...]

Children in Enfield and Manchester Are Having a Great Time Learning the Old-Fashioned Way - Through Play

Oct 18, 2018 Parents in Enfield now have exciting options to keep their children entertained while learning new skills that will help them in school. [...]

Ensuring College Access through Scholarships, Opportunities and Challenges: A College’s Perspective

Oct 17, 2018 On September 25, more than fifty community members joined with two local college presidents to review the role of scholarships in helping our area students continue their education. [...]

Hartford Foundation’s Nonprofit Support Program Launches New Website

Oct 15, 2018 New site developed based on needs and feedback of Greater Hartford’s nonprofit community [...]

Hartford Foundation’s Fall 2018 Education Colloquium Focuses on Deepening Family, School and Community Partnerships

Oct 11, 2018 Samuel Radford was the featured presenter at the Hartford Foundation’s Fall 2018 Colloquium [...]

Listening Tour Recap: Ellington and Tolland

Oct 5, 2018 On Monday, October 1, our GreaterTogether Listening Tour made its seventeenth and final stop of 2018 at the Hall Memorial Library in Ellington. [...]

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