Nonprofit Support Program Director

The Foundation seeks a professional services leader to shape and strategically deploy a suite of services that build the capacity of diverse Hartford-area nonprofits to support communities in need, and serve the citizens of Greater Hartford, focusing on those organizations whose missions are closely aligned with the Foundation’s strategic plan.

The Hartford Foundation for Public Giving is the largest community foundation in Connecticut and one of the largest such organizations in the country.  Founded in 1925 when America, Connecticut and Hartford were very different from today, there has nevertheless been one common thread throughout the Foundation’s 93-year history:  community  helping community to improve the quality of life in Greater Hartford.  The Foundation accomplishes this by bringing together resources, both human and financial, to achieve positive and enduring social change.

Over the years the Foundation has grown from a single bequest of $1,000 to a $917m endowment, and to date the Foundation has awarded almost $700m in grants.  In 2017 Jay Williams became the Foundation’s new President, with a background of public service, both in the Obama Administration and as Mayor of Youngstown, Ohio.  The Foundation is in the process of shaping a strategy for the future to eliminate disparities in opportunities and outcomes based on race, place, and income.  The Nonprofit Support Program (NSP) is the nonprofit capacity-building arm of the Foundation, and the NSP Director will play a key role in strengthening diverse nonprofit organizations and leaders across the region.

NSP, established in the late 1980s, currently serves several hundred nonprofits each year.  Services come in the form of workshops, knowledge transfer, financial and advisory support, and customized consulting. 

The Director will shape and deploy the following services aligned to the Foundation’s strategy:

  • Planning & Finance programs provide organizational assessments of established nonprofits of key governance and management functions by expert consutlants; discovery sessions for smaller or all-volunteer organizations; financial management assessment and training to build strong financial management systems.  
  • Human Resources and Governance programs including the Executive Management Institute, Leaders Circles, the Executive Transition Program, and the Board Leadership Program help organizations build effective leaders and teams; expand the capacity of individuals to excel in leadership roles; manage executive leadership changes; develop boards that powerfully advance their missions.    
  • Technology programs help organizations develop multi-year strategic approaches to technology that can assist in controlling costs, reducing risk, empowering staff, transforming service delivery, and raising funds.     
  • Evaluation & Metrics specialists educate and guide nonprofit leaders on how to integrate hard and soft metrics and evaluation feedback loops into their nonprofit’s work.
  • Startup, Collaborations & Merger consultations  explore what it takes to establish new organizations; examine collaboration and merger models.  They also review the potential of mergers and collaborations to strengthen organization effectiveness, improve performance and delivery of services, and increase efficiency. 
  • Legal professionals provide guidance to organizations on how to obtain legal services that can mitigate risk and ensure legal compliance.  

About $2mm in NSP grants is awarded annually to non profits which participate in NSP’s capacity-building programs.  These grants largely fund services provided by independent expert consultants.  A 5-person staff who plan and deliver services and grants reports to  the Nonprofit Support Program Director, who in turn is a member of the Community Investments senior leadership team and reports to the Senior Vice President for Community Investments.  Additional information on NSP services can be found here.

Basic Functions

The Director will:

  • Manage all operations of the Nonprofit Support Program including selecting, developing, and supervising NSP’s Associate Director and officers, and indirectly supervising all NSP staff. 
  • Develop and oversee the $3 million annual budget for operations and grant making.
  • Immediately assess NSP’s state of play and direct all  NSP projects and programs; integrate short and long-term projects into a rational overall strategic plan that is closely aligned to the Foundation’s strategic plan. In addition, he/she will explore and promote new ideas and innovative ways to advance the Foundation’s priorities and objectives through capacity building.
  • Design and manage initiatives, strategies, grants and other solutions that build highly effective nonprofit organizational leadership and execution capacity in ways that are aligned to the sector’s best practices.  
  • Gather intelligence on the activities, priorities and outcomes delivered by Hartford area nonprofits in service to their own mission and communities; act as an ambassador for the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving; help all members of Greater Hartford’s nonprofit and donor ecosystem continually improve the community’s ability to grow stronger and to make Hartford a better place to live and work.
  • Maintain state of the art professional knowledge and skills through a variety of learning opportunities and partnerships: participate in and partner with professional associations, workshops, conferences, interaction with peers and recognized leaders from the nonprofit sector as well as government and academia, ensuring that diversity, equity and inclusion are the focus of all learning and practice.
  • Provide ongoing communication to other senior staff and Foundation leadership on critical matters related to NSP. 

Qualifications and Characteristics

Broad and deep non profit leadership and management experience, and a proven ability to shape professional services that align to mission, the NSP Director will:

  • Have a minimum of 10 years senior-level managerial and leadership experience; problem-solving and financial acumen; experience in evolving an organization or department; developing and delivering high quality, innovative, efficient services and programs which produce measurable positive impact, preferably in the nonprofit sector.
  • Have successful experience achieving  and sustaining the financial well being of one or more nonprofit organizations; a demonstrated ability to review and analyze budgets, financial statements, and financial forecasts, as well as to develop and manage effective budgets; experience in building earned and contributed revenue streams of nonprofit organizations would be advantageous.
  • Be an experienced facilitator and catalyst for new ideas, with a demonstrated commitment to continuous learning and a track record of engaging subordinates and peers in learning to improve practice. 
  • Be decisive and resourceful, with the organizational sensitivity to gain the support and confidence of the Foundation’s leadership, staff and constituents; a team builder and collaborator, a person who empowers his/her team, and who understands the subtleties of recruiting, developing, directing and retaining a diverse group of professionals with different work styles.
  • Be an individual with deep-seated values supporting diversity of all kinds, equity and inclusion; one who is straightforward, shares information easily, listens as well as offers advice, and respects the abilities of others; someone who earns trust and demonstrates integrity, and guides others in a similar vein.
  • Have outstanding oral and written communication skills, including excellent public speaking skills for formal and extemporaneous presentations, proposals, reports, and analyses, as well as expert listening skills.
  • Be an individual with a sense of humor, strong self-awareness, optimism, high energy, and an ability to maintain balance and perspective.  In addition, he/she will have a personal/professional mission very much aligned with the Foundation’s purpose and work.
  • Have a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences, Human Services, Management or related field(s); an advanced degree would be advantageous. 

For more information please contact:

Steve Oppenheim
(202) 803-6673 or

Mark Oppenheim
(415) 762-2640 or

m/Oppenheim Associates
425 Market Street, Suite 1020,
San Francisco, CA 94105


Hartford Foundation for Public Giving is an equal opportunity employer relying on a diverse group of individuals to achieve our mission.

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