Larry Lunden wants to serve and preserve his community.

Larry Lunden is a fascinating person and a joyful soul. His experiences are as diverse as his interests, but they are all tied together by his desire to serve and preserve his community. 

Larry worked in data processing for the Connecticut State Police for 31 years. He retired in 2003, but hasn’t slowed down at all. Larry is a board member of the Connecticut Audubon Society and the Great Meadows Conservation Trust. He helps track properties, leads hiking groups and loves the intriguing pastime of letterboxing. He is a strong supporter of WNPR and volunteers with the CT Trolley Museum

“By choosing the Hartford Foundation, I could support a wide range of activities and needs, today and in the future.” 

Larry created an unrestricted fund with the Foundation in 1996 because he “was impressed with all of the different nonprofits the Foundation supports.”


The LAWRENCE J. Lunden Fund

Larry's steady contributions now total over $150,000. The Lawrence J. Lunden Fund is pooled with over 500 other named funds to support the Foundation’s mission. Areas of funding will vary as needs change over time—and that’s exactly what someone as dynamic as Larry wants.

You can also contribute to The Lawrence J. Lunden Fund and help make a difference in our region.



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