Stories of giving

Our donors share what inspires their philanthropy and how giving has impacted their own richness of life.

The Foundation is continuously inspired by the compassion, kindness, and everyday generosity of the Greater Hartford region. We hope you will explore, be inspired, and share your own stories with us.

Elwyn & Elsie Harp: The Road to Giving

VIDEO — “One of my favorite sayings is from St. Augustine, and he said, ‘If you have more than you need, then you have someone else’s.’” [...]

Janice & Kerry Foster: Making giving a priority.

VIDEO — Janice asked Kerry, “When I pass, can you do a scholarship in my name?” He looked at her and said, “Why wait until you pass? We can create one right now and I'll make sure your name is first.” [...]

For Don Wilson, giving is about compassion.

VIDEO — Don Wilson defines compassion as “putting yourself in the other person’s shoes. If you can understand what their needs are and what they’re going through, I think that brings you to the point of giving.” [...]

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