2015-2016 Catalyst Fund Members

McKinley and Justin Albert
Marci Alter
Bertha Baker
Jim and Katy Bannister
Peter and Bobbie Bartucca
Iris Bashkin
Mark and Ami Belsky
Al and Marilyn Boehm
Denise Brodey
Ellie Caplan
Elizabeth Carabillo
Ted and Jane Carroll
Elizabeth Casasnovas
Bob and Jane Cave
Stephan and Francine Christiansen
Marilee Clark
Thomasina Clemons
Brian and Susan Clemow
Sue Ann Collins
Karen Connal
Kelly and Matthew Conway
Rand and Molly Cooper
Kathleen Costello
Howard and Shirley DeLong
Stacey DiPiazza
Jim Doran
Donna Downes
John and Mary Ann Downes
Chris Drew and Katie Martin
Susan and Ned Dunn
Carol Dupuis and Michael Haylon
Danielle Ferrucci
Timothy Fitch and Ann Sheldon
Joe and Diane Foley
Rick and Gretchen Fountain
Mark and Nora Fox
Bob and Frankie Goldfarb
William Goldfarb
Bob and Lee Goode
Diana Goode
Beverly Greenberg
James and Paula Greenfield
Marcia and Bob Hall
Wendy Haller
Sara Harrigan
Ross and Susie Hatch
Carla Hawkins
Cal and Sue Heminway
David and Alyce Hild
Marcia and John Hincks
Richard and Beverly Hughes
Sara Jackson Batchelder
Clayton Jason
Debbie Javit
Russ Jones
Joan Karas
Rosalind Katz
Linda Kelly
Judy and Rick Keppelman
John and Donna Kidwell
David and Janice Klein
Steven and Debbie Kleinman
Robin and Barry Kriesberg
Kirk Laakso and Renee Savoie
Henry Link
Tom and Margah Lips

Peggy Lorence
Mimi and Brendan Lynch
Mary and Ken MacCormac
Gerry and Nancy Maxwell
Cindy McGinty
Sharon and Patrick McHale
Clare Meade
Kathi Meding
Harry Meyer
Stephen Mok
Joanne Monaco
Chris and Susanne Morrill
Laird and Ann Mortimer
Frances A. Moulton
Judy Nellen
Roy and Nancy Normen
Ryan O'Halloran
Leslie Cayer Ohta
Chris and Lou Pandolfe
Matt Pasternak
Ed and Carol Peltier
Amy Peltier
Debbie and Larry Peterson
Mike and Gen Pfaff
Kim Pita
Dina Plapler and Earl McMahon
Susan Pollard
Evan Cowles and Brie Quinby
Bessy Reyna and Susan Holmes
Stephen and Nancy Roberts
Christian and Jennifer Sager
Phyllis Satter
Jean Schiro-Zavela and Vance Zavela
Dave and Carolyn Schnatz
Lois and Stephen Schneeberger
Ted and Ellen See
Barbara Sergi
Claudia Shelton
Ronit Shoham
Barbara Sicherman
Gail and Joseph Stafford
Kathy Steinwedell
Ed and Marilyn Stockton
George and Dottie Stone
Kathleen Strauss
Rick and Mary Ellen Thibodeau
Ann Thomas and Mike Bonzagni
Karen Tomasko
Dan and Jan Tracy
Tom and Dougie Trumble
Carl and Deb Ullman
Bert Van Stolk
Rebecca Wareing
Michael and Susan Welch
Maureen Welch
Bob and Mary Ellen White
Gary and Diane Whitney
Michael Wilder
Pat and Thom Wildman
Sherwood and Maggie Willard
Dale and Susan Wolfe
Tony and Joanna Woodin
Andrew and Kathy Worthington
Sandra Wozniewski
Ira Yellen
Beth Zapatka

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