The 1925 Society recognizes members of our community who have made plans to leave a legacy that benefits our community for years to come.

When you make a provision for a gift to the Hartford Foundation as part of your will, trust or estate plan, you join a special group of individuals who, like yourself, care about providing for the future and strengthening our community.

Your legacy can support specific causes and organizations, or provide for the community at large. It can include what you wish to accomplish for yourself, your family, and your charitable interests within the context of your overall estate plan.  

Build a lasting legacy of giving.

The Foundation works with you and your professional advisors to fulfill your deepest intentions for charitable giving. Whether you want to include a simple provision in your will, create a charitable trust using complex assets, or anything in between, we can help.

1925 Society members are recognized in the Foundation’s annual report and web site (unless you prefer anonymity), and are invited to our 1925 Society reception and other special events.

1925 Society Members

We gratefully acknowledge these donors for their foresight and leadership in creating an enduring legacy for Greater Hartford.


Robert and Mary Abel
John O. and Juanita* J. Alden
Susan B. Aller
Lee* and Margot Allison
Catherine H. Anderson 
Carole B. Amaio
Gemma C. Baker
Frank and Sharon Barrett
Edward B. Bates*
JoAnne Bauer
Maxwell M. Belding
John A. and Laura Berman
Nancy and Scott* Bernstein
John E. Blair
Fred* T. and Mary Blish
Richard and Barbara Booth
Eleanor Dickinson Borrup
James C. and Beverly Boyle
Nancy C. Braender*
Harold C. Buckingham, Jr.
Dody and Bruce Cagenello
Jerome* E. and Eleanor Caplan
James and Margaret Carroll
Anne H. and Robert E. Carroll, Jr.
Howard L. and Sue Carver
Marie Anne Chabrier*
Gail Champlin
Blair Childs
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Childs
Stephan L. and Francine L. Christiansen
Pamela Churchill
David and Anna* Clark
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Cochran
Barbara V. G. Coffin
Michael and Naomi Cohen
Sara Marcy Cole
Lois M. Comstock
Anne A. Conklin*
Mr. and Mrs.* William H. Connelly
Alison Coolbrith and Barry Lastra
James and Marian Cox-Chapman
Mary H. Crary
James M. and Pamela M. Cronin
Ethel Davis
Harold* C. and Doreen Davis
V. E. Dent and Donald J. Blust*
Margaret W. Dewing*
Bobby DiBella
John* and Barbara Donahue
Robert and Gladys Dunn
Mrs. John E. Ellsworth
James F., Jr. and Isabelle S. C.  English
Dr. Stanley Fellman
Janet Newell Fisk
Robert and Linda Forrester
Ellen and John Franklin
Hon. and Mrs. D. Stephen Gaffney
Jacquelyn M. T. Glynn
Robert B. and Francine L. Goldfarb
Laurel Goodgion
Hoyt and Sally Goodrich
Norman A. Grabowski, Jr.
Viviane L. Grady
Reverend and Mrs. Peter Grandy
Peter Grant
Harry J. Gray*
Nancy D. and Robinson A.* Grover
Christopher H. Hall and Felicity Anne Harley
Frederick J. and Astrid T. Hanzalek
Elwyn and Elsie Harp
Sara L. Harrigan
Charles E. Heilig*
Dennis G. Hersh*
John W. and Marcia W. Hincks
Frederica and Art Hoffmann
Joseph K. Hooker*
Barnaby Horton
Margaret* C. and Wallace* R. Hughes
Marianne F. Jahn
Herbert Johnson*
Stephen A. and Myra Johnson
Dennis A. and Donna E. Jolly
Constance H. Jones
Anastasia Kalvoda
Linda J. Kelly
Mr.* and Mrs. Martin Kesten
Donna and John Kidwell
Jim and Jessie Kingston
Patricia Ann Kiser
David and Janice F. Klein
Mark F. Korber
Anne* C. and Lee G. Kuckro
John and Mary Lawrence
Sandra A. Lee
Mr.* and Mrs. W. G. Legrow
Jane A. Lennox
Harriet B. Lidgerwood*
Mr.* and Mrs. Charles R. Lindberg
Thomas and Margah Lips
Elaine Lowengard
Bertha E. Lucas*
Mr. Lawrence J. Lunden
Brendan and Mimi Lynch
Mary and Ken MacCormac
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Mahoney
Yvette Meléndez 
Harry Meyer
Stephen and Patricia Middlebrook
Worthington “Mike”* and Nancy B. Mixter
Maria I. Mojica and Edgar Colon
M. Lisa Moody
Mrs. Mary R. Moses*
Mr. W. Howie Muir
Frederick J. Mullen
Mark and R. Carol Muradian
Hap Murphy and Catharine W. Reid
Mr.* and Mrs.* John S. Murtha
Art and Reba Nassau
Ann Faude Newbury
Hon. Jon O. Newman
Don and Brad Noel
Mr.* and Mrs. William J. Olsson
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Packard
David B. Payne
Raymond J. and Elizabeth C. Payne
Agnes S. and William R. Peelle, Jr.
Patricia K. Pendergrast
Brewster B. Perkins
Arthur E. and Sheila Phillips
Justin Piergrossi
Anne Bingham Pierson 
Dina L. Plapler and Earl F. McMahon
Barbara S. Podann
Claire M. and Millard* H. Pryor, Jr.
Lori and Stephen Rabb
Rod and Janice Reynolds
Belle K. Ribicoff
John H. and Sali G. Riege
Jack and Susan Ritchie
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Robotham
John and Caroline Rohrbach
Bert* and Betty Rosen
Ron Roy
Kenneth and Susan Rubenstein
Richard and Lea Rubenstein
Olive Rudolph
Peter* and Betsy Russell
Mr. and Mrs. R. Malcolm Salter
Carol Santry-Covello
David* C. and Jean T. Sargent
William A. and Maxine Rothe Schortman
Lewis* S. and Sylvia S. Sheketoff
Marcie Shepard
Antoinette Shippen Mason
Ralph* M. and Ruth K. Shulansky
Stephen and Amy Lynn Silverman
Caryl and Robert Siskin
Anne Cremer Smith
Esther Spafard
W. Howard* and Mary Alice Spencer
Henry “Skip” Steiner
Katharine H. Steinwedell
Edward and Marilyn Stockton
Leslie M. Stophel
Michael Suisman
Melinda Martin Sullivan
Louise L. Sutton
Elinor Baird Talbott*
Carol and Kink Terry
Jane and Richard E. Thompson
Robert Tucker
Deborah and Carl Ullman
Michael J. Vanderlaan
Gretchen L. vanHoosier
Wade A. Vianney
Mr.* and Mrs. Bernard S. Vinick
Jean B. Vogel
Mr. Paul J. Volpe
Lyn Gammill Walker
Beatriz Wardlaw
Judith S. Wawro
Sally J. Weisman
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Wenner
Richard G. West
Ernest C. Wignall
Mr. and Mrs.* Michael S. Wilder
Sherwood S. and Magrieta L. Willard
Joyce C. Willis
Jan Winkler and Hermine Drezner
Sandra B. Wood
Edward and Carol Wrobel
Henry M. Zachs
Judith M. Zachs
Gerard F. Zak


Anonymous 1925 Society Members= 57

* A donor, now deceased, who established a gift that is pending in probate or a planned gift that continues to benefit one or more individuals before coming to the Foundation.


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