Leadership by and for our region

In 1925, the founders of the Hartford Foundation designed a governance structure that would ensure leadership by individuals of the highest caliber who are knowledgeable about the community and able to make fair decisions about complex issues. This model continues to serve the Foundation and the community well.

The volunteer Board of Directors governs the policies and grant decisions of the Foundation. Board members are appointed for a term of five years, and can serve for a maximum of two terms. The Board meets eight times each year.

Board of Directors

JoAnn H. Price, Chair Founding Partner and President, Fairview Capital Partners, Inc. Appointed by the Board of Directors, 2010
Theodore S. Sergi, Vice Chair Retired, President and CEO, The Connecticut Science Center Appointed by the Judge of Probate Court, District of Hartford, 2014
Andrew R. Worthington, Treasurer Partner and Senior Vice President, Long River Advisors Appointed by the Board of Directors, 2015
Nancy P. Bernstein President and Chief Operating Officer, Women’s Health USA;
President and Chief Executive Officer, Women’s Health Connecticut
Appointed by the Chair, United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut, 2013
R. Nelson Griebel Chief Executive Officer, MetroHartford Alliance Appointed by MetroHartford Alliance, 2016
Marlene M. Ibsen Vice President, Community Relations, Travelers, and CEO & President, Travelers Foundation Appointed by the Trustee Banks, 2017
Yvette Meléndez Currently on hiatus from the Board of Directors
while serving as Interim President
Elsa M. Núñez President, Eastern Connecticut State University Appointed by the Board of Directors, 2016
Richard N. Palmer Associate Justice, Connecticut Supreme Court Appointed by the Chief Justice of the Connecticut Supreme Court, 2016
Rodney O. Powell President, Corporate Citizenship and President, Eversource Foundation Appointed by the Hartford Consortium for Higher Education, 2012
Gordon Scott CEO, Hartford West Indian Bakery Co., Inc.
DBA Scotts' Jamaican Bakery
Appointed by the Board of Directors, 2016

Volunteers that move us forward together

In addition to the Board of Directors, the Foundation is fortunate to have other volunteers who collectively contribute hundreds of hours of service and advice to help the Foundation in a number of areas. Listed here are the members of the standing subcommittees of the Board of Directors and special committees.


Nancy P. Bernstein*
R. Nelson Griebel*
Marlene M. Ibsen*
JoAnn H. Price
Theodore S. Sergi*



Rodney O. Powell*
Marlene M. Ibsen*

JoAnn H. Price
Theodore S. Sergi*



Andrew R. Worthington*
Nancy P. Bernstein*
Robert B. Goldfarb
Beverly P. Greenberg
JoAnn H. Price
Gordon Scott



Rodney O. Powell*
R. Nelson Griebel*
Yvette Meléndez*
Richard N. Palmer
JoAnn H. Price



JoAnn H. Price
Robert B. Goldfarb
R. Nelson Griebel*
David Marks
Yvette Meléndez*
David M. Roth
Cynthia Steer
John Wright



Michael Miller, Colonial Consulting, LLC



Theodore S. Sergi*
Elsa M. Núñez*
Rodney O. Powell*
JoAnn H. Price
Andrew R. Worthington*



Beverly P. Greenberg
Luis C. Cabán
Eleanor Caplan
Francine L. Christiansen
Nancy D. Grover
Evelyn LaFontaine
Thomas D. Lips
Estela R. López
Yvette Meléndez*•
Carle N. Mowell
Brewster B. Perkins
David A. Putt
Hy J. Schwartz
Dougie Trumble
Judith S. Wawro
Robert A. White
Andrew R. Worthington*



Nancy P. Bernstein*
Ellen Andrews, Ph.D.
James Cox-Chapman, M.D.
Lynne Garner
Richard N. Palmer



Francine Austin
Andrea Comer
Brenda P. DelGado
Tekisha Everette
Jaleith Gary
Carolyn Harris-Burney
Bongi Magubane
June Miller Rosenblatt
Marie Spivey
Darryl Thames
Joyce Willis



Kathleen Costello, Chair
David Klein, Vice-Chair
McKinley Albert
Francine Christiansen•
Stacey DiPiazza
Carol Dupuis
Diane Foley
Bob Hall
Sara Harrigan
Debra Javit
Doug Kerr
Clare Meade
Judith Nellen
Ryan O'Halloran
Bob White
Andrew Worthington*
Ira Yellen



Nelly Rojas Schwan
Germán Bermúdez
Luis Cabán
Melvyn Colón
Walter Diaz
Moraima Gutierrez
Evelyn LaFontaine
Estela R. López
Yvette Meléndez*
Rosaida Morales Rosario
Ernesto Varela



Monique R. Polidoro
Vanessa Roberts Avery
Jill H. Clark
Jason W. Cohen
John W. Eckel
Christiana N. Gianopulos
Suzanne S. Giuffrida
Shera G. Golder
Susan M. Grayson
Austin S. Hersh
Denis M. Horrigan
William T. Johnson
Ryan V. Leichsenring
Greg F. Mendoza
Stephen Mok
Sheila S. Moses
Mitzchka Basman Ortiz 
Nelson J. Rodriguez
Andrew Salak
Sandra Sherlock-White
Gregory J. Spuches Jr.
Timothy Throckmorton
Michael J. Welch



Gemma Baker
Barbara Bartucca
Marla Byrnes
Stacy Hurley Cloud
Britt-Marie Cole-Johnson
Melvyn Colón
Miranda Criscitelli
Nicholas Criscitelli
Booker DeVaughn
Elena DeVaughn
Judith Dobai
Carol Dupuis
Gregory Grant
Constance Belton Green
Kristen Horrigan
Margaret Jacobson
Harvey Kelly
David Klein
Janice Klein
Thomas Mahoney
Walter Menjivar
Harry Meyer
Susan Myers
John Norman
Jeffrey O.G. Ogbar
Christine Pandolfe
Lucille Pelletier
Richard Pinder
Tyler Polk
Nelson Rodriguez
Rosalie Roth
Sue Shepard
Gail Stafford
Kathy Steinwedell
Dougie Trumble
Sherwood Willard



Robinson & Cole LLP


 * Member of Board of Directors
• Ex-officio

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